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  1. Hi Joe T I know the terminology is reversed for the U90Ladder pc software. I would usually say upload but it uses the word download to put the code into the plc. I just loaded in the old version 16 but I have stuffed up something in 17 to give this error. Update: I just fixed the first display error. I had clicked Date & Time box in error it should have been integer (Numeric Value) box. However I now have this Display 3 error now. Cheers Steve K
  2. Hi All, I just found out I had clicked the wrong variable type box for the variable. That's why I got the error on the pc Display 3: The Variable requires more characters in the display Sorry I dont know how to delete the entire post Steve PS I searched and couldn't find an answer
  3. Hi and sorry if this has been posted but I couldn't see it. How do I set the current time on the display as it's wrong. I thought when I downloaded the ladder program it would take pc current time and set it in the plc. Didnt work and I've forgot how to do it. Cheers Steve K
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