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  1. Sorry for being unclear. My problem is that when I give my analog input 4 or 20ma with my calibrator, I should still read 4 or 20mA or whatever in between on my calibrator ehile still connected to the plc. But instead it drops to 3,54mA as if I am not allowed to use the analog input or it inhibts me somehow. It should not affect my measurement being connected to the plc. This calibrator is a mA giver. And in the plc I can see no change for the input value (flickering2-3) nor prior, while or after my test
  2. Is there something else I am missing, I have moved the jumper from A to B this to make it for voltage/current measurement. Is there something else I have to change/activate before my analog input work? Out of couriosity I tried to move the jumper back just to check if my digital input works for in6/an2 and it does. I took the risk and tried to put 4mA in a digital input, and it behaves just the same as the analog2, only shows 3,54mA (some sort off error state?) It leaves me to think is it possible that even If I move the jumpers from A to B it does't recognises it as an analag input? Does it matter how I download my program?
  3. yes this was my understanding also, but what else can there be wrong from my side. I have tried to make a new project and it seems that the only scale I have is from 0-3,54mA which I can regulate with my calibrator. Where 4 mA on my calibrator is 3,54mA and also 20mA is 3,54mA.
  4. I see this on my calibrator not in the plc, sorry if unclear. As it is a analog in I would assume that if I put in 4mA I should read some raw values in my plc. And also if I put in 20mA I should read a higher value in my plc.
  5. Hey yes as far as I can see and double checked the wiring should be ok. The elma MS4201 calibrator instrument that I use can have active or passive calibratioin. Two wires one black (-) and one red (+) . The positve to 24V and the negative to the terminal is the way I have tested it. J.S
  6. Hey I just sat down with a brand new SM70-J-RA22 and started programming. I am going to use my AN 2, In6 for reference as to know the position of my valve. 4-20mA. I set the hardware jumper to the correct position for current. And now I wanted to test to see if it works. I want to test with my I/U simulator-tester (MS4201) but I get no raw values into my plc only flickers between 2 and 3. When I try to simulate the 4mA input I only read 3,58ma and when I try to simulate 20mA I only get 5,38mA. When I use the wheel on my instrument to turn 4-20mA upp and down nothing happens until I turn it almost all the way down and there I can go up and down from 0-5,38mA and on my plc the values change up and down from 0-3 accordingly . What can be the problem? I measure 6,6k ohm between 0V and terminal 9(in6). J.S
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