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  1. Hello, we changed the values to: B = 0 D = 32768 (15bit) and the output value is correct. The specification for the card is: 16 bit (Include Sign) 15 bits : 0.61uA/Bit(0~20mA), 0.49uA/Bit(4~20mA)
  2. The correct output value is exactly the double. (4 bar). We have a pressure gauge installed.
  3. Hello all, I am using IO remote analogue card URA0400T (16 Bit) and IFM pressure transmitter 4-20mA 0-10Bar. Attached you will find the linearisation but the output value is wrong. What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Hello all, We have created a small program with REMOTE IO using US5-B10-B1 OS 1.26.51 and we connected IO modules on a URB TCP. Everything works perfectly but if you switch off URB-TCP and switch back on, then CPU cannot find the REMOTE IO (even if we restart the CPU). The only way to find it is to download the program again. We have tried both ways setting the IP for URB-TCP (dip switch and BOOTP) but the problem still remains. We created a program with the same configurations with US10 and we do not have this problem. Any suggestion ? Thanks.
  5. WeI do not have any experience with bits in integer arrays so we have done it as attached....
  6. Hello All, Can someone help to build a simple program for switching multiple outputs with delay ? Condition is: Input ON, Output 1 ON then delay XX seconds Output 2 ON, and .... delay XX seconds Output X ON. Input OFF, Output 1 OFF then delay XX seconds Output 2 OFF, and .... delay XX seconds Output X OFF. thanks in advance.
  7. Still the same problem. resetvalve1 stays 1 and does not change. test_tempcontroller.ulpr
  8. hello, with the attached program the value is correct and we have not understand why. Also in the program, because we will control many valves, we have created user defined function as temperature controller (with function out set and reset for the coil) , but in the main function we do not get output from the user defined function. Are we doing anything wrong? test_tempcontroller.ulpr
  9. attached you will find the program. the value is correct for temperatures above 50oC. test 2.ulpr
  10. The raw value is changing. When we try linearization the value is wrong.
  11. How can I find the window that shows in help file where I can add values for min and max?
  12. Where? I could not find where to insert min and max values.
  13. Hello all, this is the first time I am writing to this forum. We were using vision plcs and now is the first time we are using unistream. We have connected the cards through USP-TCP. For the analogue input we are using the card URA-0800O and we set the input 4-20mA. The sensor we are using is 4-20mA 0-150oC. We tried linearization but the output value is wrong. In X1 we entered the value 818 and X2=4092. in Y1 we entered the value 0 and Y2=1500 but the output value is 0 and does not change. When we change the Axis values (y1=818,y2=4092,x1=0,x2=1500) in linearization, shows an output value but is 10-15 degrees less than the actual temperature. Are we doing something wrong? Thanks
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