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  1. ok. tnks for your help. i try it. it more easy that way.
  2. Hey, With the analog i know how to handle it in the samba. But how can i show in the hmi the rpm of the motor?
  3. Tnk. I try it tommorw. How i "tell" to inverter to send some parameter if i know the index of it. I think its more easy to work in sdo and not pdo?
  4. Tnx. I dont work with the canopen before/ why the example dont work? tnk again
  5. Hey, I need to connect the samba with the lenze with canopen. How I do it, how i use pdo, all the byte / bit. In the program i need to get from the lenze just the RPM and the analog output . tnx to all.
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