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  1. That could be the problem.......either it is done that way for some reason..... So after you confirm it, it wrotes right value to MI, but lcd returns to SUN or 1 if you take months fb. But anway it can be a software issue, as if there is some "logic" behind that, it would be same for time setting?
  2. Keypad entry is activated by defaultu probably and you can enter values, but they are not set when enter is pressed, but return to first.........also i tried with month and is same as with week.
  3. Hi! I tried that same example and i have same issue........so setting of time is ok, but when i try to set day, no matther which i chose after confirming (enter) it always set to SUN
  4. Hi There! I have been trying to set up simple timer with hour:minutes and day of the week selection. So, everything works great with time houres and minutes, i can set them via HMI and they work ok........but when i try to import day of week, in HMI it shows up and i can chose between MON, TUE....SUN.....but everytime after i set desired day and press enter it returns to SUN......also, is same if i chose day of month, everytime i chose between 31 days it return to 1..... I checked manual, help and forum but i could not find solution, so if someone have time, programm is attached. thanks!!! timer.U90
  5. Hi There! I am trying to read data and send data to unidrive SK inverter. As for adresses etc on unidrive side, it is all clear, because when i connect with modbus poll software via PC i can read rpm on adress 202 or start/stop drive by sending bit 0 or 1 to adress 629. I am trying to read same with visio 350-35-RA22 but i am not clear do i use right FB's........so before i'll kill myself with uploading new codes over and over could you check what i am missing? I this example i am trying to read status of adress which is 0 or 1 depending is terminal on VFD on or off. So when i press F1 which is set as SB58 i did out on display to show MB1, but, always 0.......
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