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  1. Ausman, please don't worry, PLC is stop working 7 years ago and has been replaced to new other. But now it time for repair this PLC because the warranty is over. Thank you Kratmel and all. This is helpful. The problem has been in a small soldering ball that shorted two pins in IC memory. After removing this ball PLC can bootstrap and updated to new firmware successfully.
  2. Joe, I have small smd components and can order IC. Also I have all tools and can replace any IC on PCB. I think that this fault not rare. Also this PLC is used not over 5 Hours and it like new. I don't think that flash memory can dead. It looks like the unit have a problem with boot start. Does it have some procedure for recover firmware?
  3. Ausman, Yes, sure all plug inserted correctly. Also, I have check internal DC-DC 5V converter, it work well. PCB has been carefully checked - all contacts soldering well, no any damage. Kratmel, battery replaced to new 3.2V but PLC is still won't start up... Info mode is also not work
  4. Hi, I have a problem with Vision V290. It just stops working... Now the screen is blank and backlight flickers weakly every 2s. I have tried update firmware, but Visilogic can't connect. Also, I have tested power supply: Current 0.093 A, internal DC-DC converter 5V also works well. Please tell me how can I restore the PLC? Any help appreciated.
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