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  1. Okay: I just got of the phone with Zac, who spent over an hour helping me with this. We uninstalled, we-reinstalled, we deleted OCX files and let VisiLogic re-install. We did this with the newest version and previous version of VisiLogic. We cleaned and rebooted and re-downloaded, always running things after copying them from downloads to the desktop and running as administrator. This was working on my computer (ie, I'm the local admin/owner/etc of the machine), and I have admin privilege on the machine. This is Windows 10, with all the latest updates from Windows. Photo attached-- This error seems to show up regardless of what we end up doing when images are involved. The rest of the software appears to work: I can do Ladder, and download to the HMI, and edit things. I just can't do anything with images or animated buttons. Maybe I'll find other things that crash the program while it's working. After chatting with Zac, I'm going to start a ticket via the email submission system and see if this works out. In the meantime, I'm going to take out my trusty Windows 7 PC, and try installing VisiLogic there, and let you know where we get on that if it doesn't install easily.
  2. Hey Ausman: I called Tech Support last week, and they got it installed and they removed in and run some msi repair tool to get the new version uninstalled.. This was great. Except now, when I try and use images, I get "Run-time error '339': Component 'mscomct2.ocx' or one of its dependencies not registered: A file is missing or invalid" There seems to be suggestions about doing various regsvr32 <whatever error>.ocx, and off you go.. I tried that here, and Visilogic is still crashing. I tried repairing the install with running everything that we talked about. When I asked the Super Helpful Guy over the phone, he said "oh yeah, Win 10 sometimes has trouble with the install" unless you move it out of the downloads folder and run it as administrator. That's cool. He also told me that the only difference between the Beta and the previous was VFD support, which I'm not using. So, should I try re-installing a previous version of the tools, and will that make these mscomct2.ocx errors vanish?
  3. I'm in the same boat: Just installed Unitronics on a Windows 10 Pro machine. Tried some stuff, didn't work: (1) Installed the latest version of Unitronics from the website. Tried starting the software, got the " pop up window says runtime error 339 MSWINSCK.ocx missing " (2) Tried repairing this install. Same error. (3) Tried uninstalling latest install. The VisiLogic Uninstall says "An error occured while launching the setup. The remote procedure call failed." (4) Tried installing the previous version of this listed on the website. Same errors, same results. (5) Tried what FlexGuru suggested (Installing as admin). No difference. (6) Tried the next idea as well: Compatibility/etc tickbox. No difference here either. Any other advice here? It looks like mswinsck.ocx is part of VB 6.. Next up, will try just installing mswinsck.ocx from some random location, and seeing if that will make it chooch. So far, this is not a Great Start to my experience with VisiLogic... Cheers, -Greg
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