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  1. Hello Flex727, thanks for the input, I will certainly take the advice and adapt where I can, still getting to grips with things, you have now given me thought as to rearanging things. Thanks again, can you reccomend any good reading matter on the subject I have downloaded all the Visilogic manuals etc. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi first time user and poster, 1st a bit about my background I have worked in the electrical engineering & electronics industry for over 30 years, repairing and rewiring electric motors, worked on power stations helping repair generators etc, then after being made redundant from that I went back to college and uni to improve my second favourite subject electronics, I learnt to program PIC microntrollers first in Assembler then using a C-compiler. Ok I would like some comment on the program I have done so far for a project, I did a little bit of Ladder Logic programming in my time when I went back t Uni for an assignment so it is not completely un-new to me but this is my first serious attempt. So I would like some feedback please on the attached program I have done so far...and don't worry about being too harsh, I won't be offended, best way to learn. Hardware is, SM43-J-R20 The program at the moment does what it is supposed to, i have LEDS wired through the Relay O/P's to indicate this. It is not controlling anything at the moment as I am obviously still designing the rest of the program. Regards Dave 25kN_Control_VER_3.vlp
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