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  1. I was able to determine it had to do with the characters given being single-bit (half width) katakana characters. When I converted it to double width characters it works fine. I'm not sure what cause that in the first place, if its a shortcoming of the Unistream firmware that doesn't support those characters or a font issue or what, but i have it working.
  2. Hello all, I can't find a direct solution to this problem, but on our Unistream HMIs, I am having trouble with hiragana and katakana characters displaying on the screen, they display correctly in Unilogic but when downloaded to the HMI they display as boxes. I know English and traditional Chinese characters work, but i can't find a pattern with why these characters do not. I know they exist in the same character range as standard Kanji, which works, but I'm not sure if its an encoding issue or just the font isn't downloading properly or what. Anyone run into this issue that has multiple languages on their HMIs?
  3. Yes I did. It would be one thing if it happened once but this is consistent and repeatable across every V700 I've used, and the other keyboards work fine. This isn't a gamebreaker, per se, because it functions fine, but it's annoying, and it's a regular complaint from our users.
  4. So on the V700, whenever a numeric keypad is pulled up, I have to touch the top half of the button to get it to register. this can be kind of frustrating, because the buttons are long and narrow and it usually takes a couple tries to get it to work. I know its a software issue because there's a border that surrounds the touchable area when the button is pressed and it only covers about 60% of the button. when the button is pressed in the center, it does not register.
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