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  1. I only use VirtualPLC for myself private to get to know the VisiLogic software a bit, also it does seem to do it's job. The VirtualPLC program is really easy to use. I do it just for learning and nothing I make will be used in production. At work I do have a PLC that I will program for a training station.
  2. 1) I won't do that from now on 😎 2) I used a HMI pushbutton that I pressed on my VirtualPLC software. When I placed the networks in different rungs it seems like I can't run both motors at the same time anymore, so that problem got solved. 3) I understand that, I just explained a bit weird. I don't understand why my reset bits gets turned on when I start one of the motors. Anyways it doesn't seem like it has anything to say. Now if I do an online test and I start motor 1 for example, then do some changes to the program, download it to the VirtualPLC and then go back to the online test. Motor 1 is still running, and I have to press the stop button to stop it. Is this because I'm using Memory Bits? I want the motors to be default in stop every time I restart the PLC.
  3. I tried making some really basic program with 2 motors. Motor 1 can't start if motor 2 is running and vice versa. If I start both motors they both show red on the output. Meaning that they could both run at the same time, even tho I'm fairly certain I programmed it right. Is this just visual or would my motors actually start without interlock? Also the reset coils goes red when the set coils gets a signal.
  4. Is it possible to use the SR flip flop and connect inputs in parallel on the reset input? Or do I have to use set and reset coils? I tried but I could only connect one input on the reset input.
  5. Hello again, How could I make something like this in VisiLogic?
  6. Hello, I'm using the VisiLogic software. I'm familiar with Siemens plc programming, but the addressing in VisiLogic makes me confused. I bought myself VirtualPLC so I can train at home. What I need help with: When I programmed Siemens PLC's I was used to use the addressing: I0.0, I0.1 and Q0.0 and Q0.1 etc.. What is the equivalent of this addressing in VisiiLogic? I just want to make a really basic ladder program, and then work from there, but at this point I don't know where to start. Also with Siemens software I could make one net with a memory input, and then define how this memory input would be activated in another net. How can I do this in VisiLogic? All answers appreciated, got my examination as an automation technician in some months and I will be using the VisiLogic software for my examination task, so it would be great to learn the software.
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