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  1. Hi, I wanted to protect some info on my HMI using Password Box, but I can't figure out how do I choose password? I tried to use Compare Strings in ladder, but I can not compare tag that I used for Password Box, because second element in Compare Strings block can not be constant value (in my case correct password, which must be constant number). Can someone give me some tips about this? Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  2. Let me try to explain my whole idea best as I can... Rung 6 - I'm writing in array values that I'm getting from analog input (value is previously linearized) and that is TalkKgIzmereno. In this case I'm getting value of 12. That value is stored in Array Talk [Array Talk_0] when I press StartTalk button. My mistake is that I didn's show on picture, that I have also button for Remove From Array block, so I can erase data from Array Talk and store again new value if I need in same array. Rung 7- I'm trying to read value from that same Array, Array Talk [Array Talk_0] and store it in proba (so I can use that value for further compares). In this case it is previously saved value 12. As I written in first post, Storing (and Removing) values from array works as expected, but I can't Load value. I hope that this explanation is little bit understoodable than previous... Again, thanks for your time and help
  3. Hi everyone! I need advice what is the right way to load from an array? Below is picture of my ladder, where is also shown previously stored data in the same array that I want to load from. Rung 6 - data is saved from C (TalkKgIzmereno) into B ( Array Talk[Array Talk_0] ) Rung 7 - I want to load result from B ( Array Talk[Array Talk_0] ) into C (proba) Storing in Array woks perfect, but didn't have success to load... Thanks in advance! Petar
  4. You can simply do that in Properties Window of your Data Table, under Columns widths (Colection). It is a drag and drop option. Cheers, Petar
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