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  1. Mmm little disapointing then if you ask me. Now I have the Jazz 2, but there are no connectors on it. Can someone help me where to get these. The Jazz is quite useless like this.
  2. No, not for Jazz. This works on vision PLC and samba
  3. Okay... But I think it's allready invented not? No one has tried this before? I know of a collague of mine he did it with a simple SIemens logo, and I think a Jazz can do more. Or am i wrong? I would like to hear some people about this subject, I m sure more people are interested. Controlling the jazz fromout your mobile, how awesome is that?
  4. Is it possible to control the Jazz2 fromout my mobile telefon if I put the ETH add-on like I can with a Siemens logo?
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