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  1. Hi all, I use USC-P-B10 with USP-070-B08 (modular HMI/PLC) as a master via Modbus Ethernet. Could anyone recommend me how to catch an exception in UniLogic 1.26.90 if slave is not responsive (powered down, loose cable...). Thanks
  2. It took 5 different USBs with range 4GB to 16GB. I followed the same procedure, step by step. The USB that worked was ANOTHER FAT 32 16GB but with 8,168 partitions. I have no idea why it has decided to work this time...
  3. Hi all, can anyone share how to solve it, please? Thanks
  4. There is button on HMI having two states:0 enable, 1 disable depending on current state of the device. (If text window says 'Device enabled', the button says 'Disable' that's why 'Disable' correspond to 1 as current state of the device). This button regardless of its status trigger high UserInput if pressed to power the rung. The second action of this HMI button when it is pressed, is to set x high if button says enable, then store 1 or reset x if push button says disable and store 0. Then compare current state of the device with user input. If they are different, write to table (the condition not equal is probably unnecessary).
  5. I have done this. it became infinite reset/set status
  6. Hi all, I have button on the screen. When touched, one out of many actions is to set certain bit high in logic to enable rung (if button is not touched, the rung does not perform anything). The rung works nice and perform everything as expected, except for the enable bit stays 'set'. The function 'reset bit' is only for integers. I do not want to use entire integer to enable/disable rung. If used integer to enable rung, the action from HMI can be increment/decrement only, therefore I would have to put there two conditions :equal-less 0 then store 0 and equal-greater 1 as conditions then store 1, to actually stay in 0-1 range. Or is it possible to access integers that are used for data types 'bit', then I could use the premade function reset bit (in integer) like mask byte in assembler. Does anyone have any better idea how to do it, please? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I solved it within few minutes after my question. I detected the rung via 'disable rung' and 'go online'. Then found that the calculated limit in global variable that supposed to be same for all devices, multiple for all devices in their functions (global variable A x variable B = global variable A, send A), so it was overflow, therefore I could either take the multiplication out from 'all devices functions' and perform it in the main calculation of the limit, or use additional variable in 'all devices functions' (global variable A x local variable B = local variable C, send C)
  8. Hi all, If I get the infinity in real data type, what could be the reason, please? (I have checked if I div by zero.) I also have tried to store the same exact value through the program into that variable. Still "infinity" in the last rung/DTI table when I am online. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi all, Would you mind to show me some example how to treat INT16 as a power in W and its scale factor INT16 received via Modbus, please? Should I firstly convert them into Real, then multiply them? Thanks
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