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  1. Hello all, This is my first time working with Unitronics product and so far so good. I'm currently using the Samba SM35-J-RA22 to develop a control system for our product. On the home screen, we display the machine status and some operational parameters. Due to the small screen size, I'm looking for a function like the "List of Texts: by pointer" but with numerical values linked to MI instead of fixed text. At the bottom of the image below, as the user press the up/down button, the parameters should cycle through a list. I can make the parameter name cycling through using the "list of Texts: by pointer" but I couldn't find a way to do the same with the associated numerical values. I guess one way around this would be to have multiple display screen and when the user press the up/down button, the display jump to another screen with the appropriate parameter. However, this means that it'd require 5 displays for 5 parameters as an example. Another issue is the image quality. Even when I use high quality icon, when imported into Visilogic (and on the unit display), the image become quite broken. Is there a way to improve this? Any help is much appreciated. Ken.
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