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  1. It ended up being because it didn't like the "/" in the date. Makes complete sense, it worked when I used the format that had "-"s instead. However, I would have thought the error code would have been something much more straightforward, like if there was a number for an invalid character or something. Instead it stayed on 1 for a full cycle then turned to -35. Also, the help link (the little question mark in the tool box next to Store DTI to File) doesn't work, I had to click on the load DTI button then navigate in the help window to Store DTI, thought I'd mention it in case the bug hasn't been noticed yet. Thanks
  2. Hey, Each day we want to start writing data to a new file. Our file name string is updating fine using the rtc to ascii UDFB, but our store DTI to File status turns 1 when the filename is updated with the new date. Then after another full "day" it becomes -35. However if we never change the filename the data recording continues to work fine. I apologize if this is already explained in another forum but I wasn't able to find one. Thanks for any help your willing to give.
  3. Hey, We've run into an issue we haven't been able to solve for a day or so. When we restart the PLC it loads up fine with the code that is already on there. We can even go online from unilogic and view the values. However, when we try to download code from unilogic onto the plc the modules all get stuck on blinking green lights. Restart the PLC and everything works as normal, just for some reason we cant update the code on there. We thought that maybe we had messed up the hardware config so we opened a previous version of our project and that didn't work either. Also since we were able to go online, the code we have open is matching what is on the PLC. We noticed the day this happened our trial ran out, so we activated it with a key. We don't know if that was part of the reason or just a coincidence, but I do believe it is activated now and the problem has not been fixed. Any help would be appreciated since we can't really progress when we can't update the code. Update (Friday at 07:22 PM) It downloads but we have to restart it for it to register. if we dont restart its stuck in initialization. Thank you!
  4. Not sure what went wrong but I just tried save as and named it something new. Works perfectly now. Thanks.
  5. Thanks! I wasn't sure what the UDFB stuff was so I was confused. But I looked further this time and realized we could download sample projects. I'm trying to open the sample project but it says I can't have multiple sessions open. So I went to save my current project so I could close it but wasn't allowed to, it said Solution Save failed while trying to reconstruct solution file? Do you happen to know why I can't save? I've saved the same project before with no issues.
  6. Hey, What is the best way to get a column to show the Date and Time information? Right now I have a separate column for each feature like month, day, year, hour, min, second but that's definitely too bulky. I can't seem to find how to create a single string of the date and time information, what would be the best way to solve this? Thanks.
  7. Hey, We fixed the issue by just changing the name of the file so it created a completely fresh one, maybe since we were changing the number of columns in the data table as we were building and testing the program the csv file didn't like it no matter whether it was set to overriding or appending. I guess we will just create a fresh file for each time we decide to add a sensor value as an extra column. Thanks.
  8. Hello, We are able to log sensor data to the data table, we record it once every 5 seconds. However, after 10 recordings we are trying to write the 10 lines to a csv file. (Ideally appending it) Firstly, appending just doesn't work (when we put the 1), the file doesn't update at all. When we put 0 to override, the values go in but only one and a half rows. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. We found a 16GB card and it worked! Thanks for helping, not sure why we were using a 128GB it's just what we were given to use.
  10. What capacity should we use that you think is optimal?
  11. Hey, We have a 128 GB SD card that we are trying to get working with our PLC HMI panel. We want to save csv files of data to the SD card, but the PLC is not recognizing the card. We tried formatting the card using the SD Card Suite but that also didn't fix the problem. Are there any other steps we are missing to get the PLC to recognize the card? Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, We were given a lot of calculations to perform based off of the input values from our sensors. These calculations include square roots, arc tans, etc. as well as decimal constants such as 0.3874638 for example. We've tried to scale all our numbers so we can work with everything in integers but the function on the screen is getting very large and complicated. Performing these calculations in coding languages like python would be very straightforward. I'm wondering if there is a simpler way in unilogic to perform these large calculations or any tips to keep our screen from becoming so full that it will be impossible to debug errors. Thanks!
  13. Thanks everyone, I've got it to work using your advice. I didn't know about the General options.
  14. Can someone show me an example of code that causes the plc to go into sleep after 30 seconds and Kinda go into a idle screen. Only stuff I see examples on is in visilogic but can someone help me out and do it in unilogic? I'm sure it is simple but I am very new to this.
  15. Do you know of any CT's that can read alternating current and maybe somehow outputs a constant rms value? thanks.
  16. The link to the first CT's data sheet is here: https://www.crmagnetics.com/Assets/ProductPDFs/CR3100.pdf Another CT we tried is here (this one requires a resistor to be put in parallel across the output). https://datasheet.octopart.com/CR8410-1000-CR-Magnetics-datasheet-17019953.pdf Although I think that was the case. These CT's only send a small AC signal back which could be the cause of the fluctuation . Would you have any recommendations? could we use a rectifier possibly? anything would be great. Also, thanks for the help and patience on this post.
  17. The CT takes in 0-75 Amps and outputs 0-1 V. The hardware configuration is set to the 0-10V option and our cables are plugged into CM0 and I0V. Even when supplying the analog input pins with a constant voltage from a DC power source the readings would fluctuate between 0 and the value which was input. When reading the CT's output with a multi meter there was a constant AC reading, so I believe the CT is working as intended. If we use the smoothing option it just averages everything out to a value just under half of what it should be.
  18. Thanks for the response, What determines whether or not your CT is compatible? I put 0-10V as the electricity type because the CT returns voltage which the black wire was in CM0 port and the white wire was in the I0V port and I tried smoothing and noise rejection but it still returns a fluctuating number. What could I be doing wrong. Also, the ct's we are using are for test we are using different CT's for the final product of the system just an FYI. Any suggestions?
  19. Hey, For some reason my UIA-0800N is getting readings without my CT being plugged in its a fluctuating number and its happening with all inputs. Also does anyone know how to scale a CT(current transducer) and why when i put a constant voltage source in as an input it still fluctuates? Thanks
  20. We figured it out, it wasn't the program thanks
  21. Hi, What a solid red status LED means on a UIS-08TC? its reading -32768 which means connection fault and it reads that even when there is no thermocouple connected. Thanks. Help is much appreciated.
  22. Thank you for responding, I don't have the ability to share images at the moment. But I can give you more of a description of the problem. Even when our TC is not connected to our UIS-08TC module our status LED is a solid red color. We also have other modules connected (both in front of and after the UIS-08TC in the chain) that have different types of sensors attached which work as intended. We are not sure what a solid red light indicates so we don't know how to approach the problem From our UIS-08TC our input 1 is T0- and input 2 is T0+ connected to the TC (Type J). We've tried swapping out the module with another of the same type, as well as changing the order of the module in the chain. In the documentation the only red light that it mentions in regards to the status light is a slowly blinking or rapidly blinking status. Sorry I can't provide more detailed information. We are relatively new to the program so any information in regards to this issue would be great.
  23. Okay I just figured the Status LED is solid red and I dont see a case for that in the specifications. All other modules are green and all have the latest firmware.
  24. Hey, so I've connected my thermocouples to my UIS-08TC module and im getting a reading of -32,768 which indicates connection fault. Everything is configured correctly and I connected another thermocouple to see if the one I was using was faulty but still got the same error. Im using the watch feature to try to just at least get a temperature but again im getting a connection fault. Also My status LED is solid red which isnt on the spec sheets.
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