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  1. Hello, my PLC has been working for the last 3-4 weeks. One day I come in and it starts to give me this error. The firmware is up to date (unless there was an update within the last month or so). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Can you explain exactly how to index the data table down a line each time?
  3. Hello, I am attempting to create a system in which every time someone rings the wireless door bell, it communicates with the PLC and keeps a log of the time and date at which the button was pressed. I am almost done, and only need assistance when indexing down a row (copying the data from the previous row and writing it to the next). I see there is a indexing row tab on the button, but i need help understanding the function in and out tabs and how to use them successfully within my program. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  4. Thank you, this information helped out a lot. One last question, when doing the call functions, I see you numbers the time to #1 and the date to #9.... are those arbitrary numbers? What do they represent?
  5. So I am a beginner when it comes to not only unitronics software, but PLC's in general. I am tasked to connect 2 door bells (one in the front, one in the back) to the PLC and create a program that once one of the buttons has been pressed, it sends a signal to the plc which activates a horn and tower lights (depending on the door). My problem is creating a data table that acts as a log. It is supposed to keep track of - 1. the time when a button is press, and - 2. the date. Also one other question, the timer off command doesn't seem to work in my programming, which is supposed to turn off the outputs after 5 seconds. of being activated, Thanks, I know it is a lot but any help would be appreciated.
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