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  1. Добрый день У меня есть несколько проектов, готовы ли вы помочь в этом. Я тоже говорю по русски, я из Словении
  2. Hello, I have on V130 13 T38 connected 3 weight transmiters type DGT-Q and I have manage to establish the connection modbus, but I don't know how to set reading registers to read weight. In the attachment I'm sending brouchures about DGT-Q and program. DGT_07.08_18.09_EN_T.pdf DGT_07_18.08_EN_U.pdf Modbus manual DGT.pdf krhin 1.vlp
  3. Hello, I have an issue I have made a new ladder routine "NO LIMITS" with soubrutine "TEST 1" but I' can't put output or coil or MB to high mode. I can set it only mannualy othervise won't work. I have also looked that output or MB in not used in no other place. Any suggestions for this problem?
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