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  1. Sirs, thanks for your help. Finaly i could download the updates. You has the reason, the problem was my USB-SERIAL adapter. I tried with a PC with a native COM port and it was perfect. I am very grateful for your help... Regards...!!!
  2. Ausman, i wil respond next your comments: OK. In theory, unless some new model has appeared that I don't know about, you don't have a usb port. So the next questions to all be tried/answered are: It ti corect, i dont have a USB port. 1). Are you using the MJ10-22-CS25 adapter and cable that came with the unit? Checked the continuity of the cable? It is corect, i am ising a Mj10-22-CS25 adapter and the wire that came with the unit, I dont checked the continuity of the wire but i wil do it and i comment te results. 2). Are you connecting this adapter using a native com port on your puter or using a usb to 232 adapter? If a USB to 232 adapter, what make and model? There are various issues with types from "little known" makers. Ok that is a good point, my computer doesn´t have a native COM port, so I am ising a USB-SERIAL adapter. Realy i dont know about the maker, in the properties of the device it say "wch.cn" and the model "CH340". I wil update the controller and if is posible I wil try with other adapter. 3). Did you install Visilogic as Administrator by right click on the installer and run as admin, and also set the visilogic.exe as "run as admin" as well? No, I jusd installed the VisiLogic directly. I never ran the instalation as admin. I will reinstall the aplication and i wil comment te results. 4). If you can access Info mode on the plc, and you should be able to, go to System/Mode and choose 5 or 6 and start again with your communications with Visilogic. I cant acess to info mode. It was imposible since I tried to update te boot version. 5). For your comms to work ok, I have often found that I need to manually set the 232 speed in Device Manager to match what is being tried in Visilogic. This is meant to run at 115200, so start with that. But I have occasionally found that for some (unknown) reason I need to set this speed slower, so if things don't work, lower the speed progressively in steps and see how it goes. Ok thanks for the information. I wil try and I Wil comment you. 6). You should be able to do all you need with Visilogic. Ok. Thanks for your respond. I wil test all your suggest and I wil comment after. Regards.
  3. Joe, thanks for your answer. My PLC doesn`t have a USB port. It only have a RS232 port and a Ethernet port because i bought and intall the ethernet card. My computer doesn`t have a COM port, for that reason I am ising an USB-RS232 adapter. After that i have te MJ10-22-CS25 adapter that convert de DB9 port to RJ11 (This adapter came vith my PLC). Do you think that my USB-SERIAL adapter could cause el problema? Regards...
  4. Hi, thanks for your responds. My PLC is an V130-33-TA24 and I am conected using COM port.
  5. Hi, I'm having the same problem. In my case i tried to update de BOOT version, the first step (Erase boot memory) finish correctly. But in the next step (Burning Boot) an error apear and the proces interrupt. I tried to do it with the UnDownloader and with the VisiLogic but in both cases I get the same result. In the screen apear "Factory Boot" and i can not enter to the information screen any more. I tried whit the I button and whith the combination of I+ESC buttons and switching the power but it didn´t work. I attach same screenshots. If someone can help me i wil be very thanks. Thanks. Marcelo
  6. Hi, I'm having the same problem. You could solve it? Thanks..! Marcelo
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