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  1. What I meant is that it clears the data table or resets everything to 0 from what I can see. Thank you, I will try SB 300. EDIT: Data table is a generic term I've used loosely in other PLC manufacturers (AB/Siemens/Mits). I should've clarified that it refers to I/O, Memory Registers, Operands etc.
  2. From what I've noticed, you can't toggle between 2 different Comm Configurations without a warm reboot of the PLC (See attempt in screenshot below). I attempted to trigger SB24 to reboot the PLC, which worked, but it also seems to blow away the entire data table. Is there any other work-around to switch comm configurations from ladder? Or, is there another SB that will simply power cycle or restart the PLC? Thanks In Advance! Chris
  3. Totally agree Joe. Being in automotive industry this long, I've just become numb to the bean counters and their unwavering attention to the bottom line. The way I see it is these people don't have the technical background to appreciate a KISS method and the costs ensued with future downtime. It's almost like they have the thought that if/when something does happen, it will be someone else's problem.
  4. Thanks for the math on this. I don't think I would've been able to get to that 10 counts / amp. I will run with that to start and then just use some trial and error with it. I'll report back when I finally get it all implemented.
  5. Not all the current monitors will be tied into the snap in IO, I will have several EX-RIO with Analog Cards. I was just using the snap-in IO in my question to simply. I'm creating a fully controlled Power Distribution architecture for several labs - Each Lab will have a V700 in a Main PDP (Power Distribution Panel) - The Main PDP will have 4 Branch Circuits to Remote Power Panels. Current Monitors For Branches tied into 4AI on Snap-In Module) - Each Remote Panel will have EX-RIO with an 8AI Module to monitor 5 Circuits - 20 Sensors For Lab (5 labs planned as of now) = 100 pieces I'm already going to be using UniCAN, so adding the Modbus adds another layer of communication/complexity which will outweigh the cost savings of using such hardware.
  6. BTW, I would like to say that I'm new to the Unitronics Platform (Mostly done Siemens/AB last 15 years) and these last 3 months I have used these forums for a lot of self teach. With that being said, you stand out in these forums as a guy that is extremely knowledgeable and very patient/helpful with everyone. Just want to say thanks a million from the green guys like me! Chris
  7. Thanks for the feedback Joe! The best I was able to find price wise were from ATO (probably Chinese) for about $80 per, but we needed something like 100 count of them. We initially thought that we struck gold and ordered some Dwyer CCT50-200 ( $30/) only to realize that we didn't read the cut sheet well enough to see that they're AC only 🤦‍♂️. Would you recommend just using any the "Raw Value" Analog Input Type in the HW Config? Chris
  8. Hi All, I have a V700 with snap in V200-18-E3/4XB. I'm looking to use an analog current/hull sesnsor to measure the DC current draw in several branch circuits in the panel (and feed it to analog inputs on the V700). I know there are several devices available that specifically spit out 4-20ma or 0-10v but they are quite expensive and management is pushing to lower cost. I came across the attached Honeywell sensors (planned on using CSLA2DG) and was wondering if, with the right scaling, they would work with this V700 controller. Thanks in Advance! Chris honeywell-sensing-current-csla-series-catalog-pages(1).pdf
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