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  1. Dear Alex Ut I followed what you told me and i made it work with the 16 g micro sd card thanks alot all that helped me.
  2. Hello Saragani I did it the problem was the sd card I tried with 8 g sd card and now everything works well. Thanks for your help. No idea why the 16 g sd card wont work.
  3. Dear Saragani I do see it to go from 0 to 1 then after 15 sec timer ON it goes back to 0 that means no errors. I will see with smaller SD card i need to see does i have smaller one. I think that everything is done well into the ladder in the project.
  4. Hello guys. Here is the project so you can see what am trying to do. Thanks a lot i wait for your help. AL2.2.ulpr
  5. Hello. Am programing Unistream PLC model USP - 070-B10/B08. The program i need to make is User Logs with Data table. With UAC i add needed users also am making Data Table indexed and am writing the logs (log in or out ) into the data table. Also there is a possibility to enter in the HMI the batch number/lot that is later added to the Data Table depending on the user who is logged in at the moment. After that with a button on the hmi i set bit and Store DTI to file block is added. As i can see everything is good and this DTI block does not give me error. After i open the ftp server the SD CARD is empty. I chose in DTI file block to save it as .csv file format. I have no idea what might be happening. The sd card is 16 G card that i format FAT32. Please Help Thanks.
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