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  1. 👍 I'll keep it in mind, Thanks
  2. Thanks DanT, I'll have one unit shipped to me...
  3. Hi Aus, Encoder is TURCK RI-12H14T-2B4096-H1181 Thanks, Bjarni
  4. Yes, but encoder isn't just a counter. I need to stop/start motor at different positions at predetermined but variable degrees and I believe that I read somewhere (maybe these forums) that fast counter isn't enough.
  5. Hello, I have an Unistream panel and EX-RC1+ D16A3-RO16 + LC3 units hooked to it via CAN bus. I have to read position from an encoder (with A, B and Zero inputs) and wonder if someone here would give me an suggestion regarding hardware for the job? Should I just add an IO unit (and which one) or could I replace the D16A3 unit with another which also supports encoder readings? Thanks, Bjarni
  6. Hi, here are the programs. Thanks, Bjarni bara io.vlp UniTest.ulpr
  7. Thanks sgull, but they are the same on both ends - RGYBB. Not so clear on photo though
  8. Hello again - as said earlier I'm starting up a project with Unistream hooked to an Ex-Rc1 and D16-A3 Thanks to you guys, I've managed to go through the config procedure as described in the training procedure: Configure Ex-Rc1 and the IO unit in Visilogic and export the config to Unilogic Read it by Unilogic and export the in/out files to Visilogic and download it to the Ex-Rc1 Verify that can ID on Unistream is 1 and 2 on the Ex-rc1 (dip on 2 also) . Baudrate 1Mb on both Test the D16-A3 IO from Visilogic - could both see input signals and set output from Visilogic In Unilogic I can see the image of the IO modules and their IO, but if I try to watch an input or set an output - nothing happens on the IO hardware??? Do I need to do something more than the configs, like some CAN send/receive in ladder? Can I see somewhere if the CAN is operating as supposed? Thanks, Bjarni
  9. Hi Alon Avivi, don't know which folders you are referring to. You got some full paths? and should I load the file from there?
  10. Hello, wonder if you have some hint for me. I have a an Unistream with remote IO: Ex-RC1, LC3 and D16A3-R016, all hooked together via CAN bus I followed the config instructions from your training video, starting with an VisiLogic file from your examples. But when I try to load the exported .ulri file in the Ex-RC1 properties window it is like nothing happens, no warning or error messages and the Visilogic File field remains empty ? Thanks, Bjarni
  11. Hello, I'm just starting my first project with UniStream/UniLogic and I have the PLC hooked to a PC via Modbus, PLC as Slave. I haven't found a way to sync the clock in PLC with the PC clock. Is there a way to set the PLC clock via the Modbus ? Thanks, Bjarni
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