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  1. Hi all Is it possible for the Unistream series to respond to an external SQL Query. I have a client that has a database that wants to request data from the PLC instead of the PLC pushing data to the database?
  2. Alex Security is not a problem as the panel is locked, I am merely looking at an easier and quicker login for operations...not all of us have swift fingers What code would be able to write to the "User Access Control Struct" ? Or how do I affect a login from a DI? NP
  3. Hi, I have a similar need. I use different models of Unistreams and would like to connect fingerprint scanners in stead of using the screen login. The finger print scanner I have in mind can either produce a single logic (relay contact, single DI) or 2 x DI to provide 4 levels of security. Is it possible to manipulate the User Access Control Struct in Ladder based in a combination of digital inputs?
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