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  1. Awesome! I informed AMC. I believe the following section should be added: [2022] ParameterName=Analog Input Values ObjectType=0x9 SubNumber=5 Thanks for looking at the file for me.
  2. I attempted a CDHD drive eds file and it worked without issue. Must be something specific about my file that it does not like. https://www.a-m-c.com/products/?page=product&cid=servo-drives&id=DPCANIA-015S400# AMC_Digiflex_1.0.9.eds
  3. I'm attempting to load an .eds file for a CANopen drive, Advanced Motion Controls DPCANIA-015S400. I get the following error: "The EDS file could not be loaded for an unknown reason". If I go to Tools - and select UniEDSco, the file opens and displays with no issues. Any ideas? I'm completely new to this so any help in the right direction is appreciated. I should note that I do not have "admin" rights. Could this be an issue here?
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