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  1. Hi everyone! New here with couple of questions for this great community from which I've already learned a lot: I'm working with Unitronics US5-B10-RA28 which has so many possibilities and have encountered a problem - I have a slider set from 0-70 linked to analog output 0-10V. Units which it regulates are in l/h (liters per hour). What I need to do (among other things) is to calculate and display total consumption of fluid since startup. Also, consumption may change during operation of the machine. Normally I would use integrals, but here as I see this is not an option. Tried to get this number with dividing and so on, but i couldn't get results when I divide 1/3600 (for example). Is there any way to achieve this? Thank you in advance and thanks for all the knowledge I've already gotten from this forum. Marko
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