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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to establish communication between an iFIX 5.8 SCADA system on a windows 10 PC and a V570 Enhanced Vision PLC. I have UniOPC downloaded, configured with the PLC's proper comms info, and I have iFIX OPC Client setup to speak to the UniOPC Server. The Discover and Auto Configure tool in Workspace for iFIX finds the server, but the client just will not connect to the server. I keep getting errors in the Event Window in the iFIX Power Tool (Proficy iFIX OPC Client Version 7.46g) saying "Requested operation requires further elevation." Yet I've been starting all programs as an administrator, and have set each to run as administrator as well. Does anyone have any experience connecting between iFIX and Unitronics PLCs? Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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