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  1. Hello, many thanks for your answers. The problem arrived du to a domain Group GPO rules, which erased local administrator password regularly. With domain administrators, we decided to remove the concerned computers to this rule.
  2. Yes it is uncheck ... strangly, the new program don't start ... only a beep when I double click on it !
  3. Hello, Many thanks for your answer but it doesn't work. Firstly, I had difficulties to copy the new EXE in the folder. - Downloaded file was unlock - I gave all the rights in the folder c:\Program files\Unitronics to the user. - I saved the old version - I copy the new version When I start the new version, the system request the admin account and password and after input, the software don't start ! So, I recopy the old version and all returned in the previous state.
  4. Hello, We want to use the U90 ladder software (last version) on a Windows 10 computer, which is integrated in a domain. So the user don't have the administrator rights. The installation is firstly done with a domain admin account and password, but, after that, the software is protected and each time we want to start it, the system request the domain admin account to start ! Is it mandatory or is there a solution to avoid this step ? Thank you for your help. Kind regards
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