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  1. Thank you again. Sorry im just started with Unitronics. I will learn a litte bit more about config files.
  2. Hello Saragani, Sorry. I have just now notice that I was looking at the wrong config. The wire was not checked as you pointed. What im still surprise is that the program changes the Config depending on the modules i install. Is this normal ? Thank you again for your help !!
  3. Thank you Saragani for the info. I did not know the possibility to do this over the Software. I have seen the configurations on the HMI panel. I have checked the config and all items are selected. I have also actualize to the last version of Unilogic in case this could be a problem. The strange think is that if i eliminate the 3rd Module then i can compile. It does not allows me to insert 3 different modules. " modules no problem… 3 modules = error.
  4. Hello, Im new in Unitronics. I'm programming my first project with unitronics and came to the following issue: I have added a digital input and output module and now i cannot compile the project, so it's a software issue , not on the PLC itself. The error is: IO Config 'Config 1': There are too many I\O modules without any extension cable between. I have a 7" integrated panel with an expansion adapter : UAG-CX-XKP300 on the expanisons i have 2 modules a uis-08TC and a UIA 0402N With this both the system has worked fine. Now i need more digital inputs and outputs, so i have insert at the end a UID 0808R. As I insert on the Unilogic Software the 3rd module and intent to Rebuild , Compile or Download, the error listed above apears and I'm not able to update the unit with this new Module. Can somebody help me with this issue ? Thank you Miguel
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