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  1. Request for help, Im struggling with the following problem, i have a master PLC v1040 and 6 slave PLC s also v1040's . From the slaves i want to read measurement values every cople of seconds. im able to read 1 slave but im struggling with the fact that i have only 4 sockets and more than 4 slaves to connect to so i know that i have to connect disconnect continuously . i use socket 3 to connect the slaves. Can anyone help me out? thanks in advance. Gert.
  2. Hey i wanna thank you Flex727 and Ausman i finally got it to work. i digged a little in the Forum and found some other code from Ofir and i'd putt it all together and gotit to work. ill post my code for anyone who is struggling with this kind off problem. ABB VFD.vlp
  3. I made some changes to the programm but i'm stil not able to write to the vfd. also tried to set and reset request to send in rung 3, 4 and 5. I also tried to change the addresses to 40000 and 40001 (according to the ABB manual and off by one) in rung 5 (previous rung 6) i try to write the speed for the VFD. thanks for the tip according to the examples. ABB VFD.vlp
  4. Thanks for your reply butt i still cant get it to work. ill changed MB 1 en MB 2 in to 2 positive transition contacts and placed a rung between 1 and 2 and placed Modbus scan_EX functionblock. And i Also changed MI2 in rung 4 into MI3. ABB VFD.vlp
  5. Hi there im trying to control a ABB ACS355 with Fena-01 adapter using modbus. i think i have a problem with the addressing. in the VFD i have all the parameters set and im abble to controll the vfd with modbus poll. in register 1 i first send 1150 (also stop command) to set the vfd in ready mode after that im able to start the drive with 1151 (start command). in the attachment ill uploaded my project. can someone help me out? Thanks in advance Gert ABB VFD.vlp
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