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  1. I have no additional information and no wiring diagrams to help me. The old owner bought the car wash and bought new equipment. From what I can tell, the PLC Vision120 is used I think for management and fault warnings only.
  2. As you can see in this picture you can also see two electric cables, one green and the other yellow. As far as I can see on the connecting bar next to the numbers 39, 40 is marked with a black marker. Which cable corresponds to the number 39 and which cable corresponds to the number 40? In the second picture you can see a wave wismo device in which a phone card is inserted, for sending automatic messages from the information found on the Internet. For this PLC Vision 120 can I make an internet connection for car wash management? I mention that I never connected to this plc vision120 and I do not know what it is learned to do. If one of my colleagues can provide useful information I am grateful.
  3. On the electrical cables is noted what we found noted on the connecting bar of the electrical cables. Can Imi9 tell a colleague what is the rule of connection of these electrical cables?
  4. As you can see in this picture, the bar for connecting the electrical cables is marked with the connection specifications (NPT, HP1, HP2, Jante1, Jante2, Aspi, Portique.
  5. Hello community. I come to your attention with a problem that I have for some time. I bought an installation for a full self service car wash. When I saw the installation before buying everything was in order and I decided to buy the installation, following which the seller deals with disconnecting the installation and loading it into the truck for transport. When the laundry facility came to me I noticed several cables disconnected and I do not know how to connect them. I will attach exemplary pictures with the washing machine. I would like to mention that I have no programming or automation knowledge. I was wondering if you can help me by pointing out how I can check and reconnect the electrical cables.
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