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  1. Guys, Does anyone know what the system error 02 below mean?
  2. I might be able to give a bit of support if that interest you..
  3. Hello everyone, In the code below I`m targeting a database called t_lg202001 which refers to a log table of a specific year and month. In this case January 2020. See code below: SELECT a.EVTLGUID, a.DEVDT, a.USRID, c.NM, b.NM FROM t_lg202001 a JOIN t_evttyp b ON a.EVT = b.EVT JOIN t_usr c ON a.USRID = c.USRID WHERE a.USRID IS NOT NULL ORDER BY a.EVTLGUID DESC LIMIT 1; As my target table is going to be update every month as the years goes by I need to change this line of code for every single month and afterwards years. i.e: t_lg202001 = January 2020. t_lg202002 = February 2020. ... ... ... t_lg202012 = December 2020 t_lg202101 = January 2021 ... .. t_lg202112 = December 2021. I really would like to manipulate that line of the code through a variable where I can automate as required. Does anyone has any idea or how this can be done? If there isn`t any way at the moment here is a suggestion of improvement for the coming versions of the Unilogic software which I think it`d be very beneficial and it would enable the capability of the software for the future. I hope that makes sense.
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