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  1. Also for the example message, 7B 4D is the beginning of the 24 byte packet, 0F is the checksum second last, and 7D the the end of packet.
  2. So I now know that the checksum is calculated correctly, however I still am unable to receive/store the message as I expect. It feels as if buffer is just constantly being reset instead of storing the message being received. How can I move forward? Here is an example of the type of message I am expecting to be receiving: 7B 4D 18 00 05 71 47 42 03 BC 4D 46 E0 AB F4 41 00 00 00 00 0F 7D I have been sending this to COM 2 to no avail. 232Test.vlp
  3. In info mode, the message being sent is being received, I will get back regarding the checksum calculation Monday. Thank You for the direction.
  4. Yes, Port 2 has the proper module, I forgot to include that in the description.
  5. I am currently trying to receive a Hex as ASCII message from an instrument over RS232 on a V700. Currently to simulate I have been sending the expected messages over serial, but in the future the data will be constantly streaming. The Index of Received from the Scan Protocol keeps giving me a -1, indicating an invalid message and I can't seem to understand why. Anything should help at this point. The measurement packet contains 24 bytes, 2 bytes for the beginning, 1 byte for the checksum, and 1 byte for the end of packet, as indicated by the instrument and reflected in the Scan Protocol. 232Test.vlp
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