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  1. i have added those wires to a 24V power supply but am still not getting the the servo to be marked as connected. There is an image on the program that shows the status of the motor, it constantly shows as motor disconnected.
  2. I am stuck with trying to implement a servo motor, and not sure how to go from here. I have been using the example programs from the unitronics and i cannot get the programs to say the servo is connected. I have connected the CANBus wires according to the picture that i have attached that i found on the unitronics website. My group has never dealt with CAN networks before so we are all starting from scratch. I believe i have to use UniCAN Nodes but am not sure, currently i am just trying to just get the example program working, I am using the "Go to Position By Velocity Block" program. When I connect the computer to the PLC in online mode, no messages are dropped but none are received i attached a picture of the communications. Everywhere online i look for help i see that unilogic is great for this but all support I've found is for visilogic, not sure if I should switch to visilogic but I have been using unilogic. I have set up the plc, motor controller, and motor numbers in the project. The models are- Motor: UMM-0004BA-B4 Motor Drive: UMD- 0004B-B3 PLC: USP-070-B10
  3. we are trying to use a plc to connect to the network so it can automatically reload a data table periodically to make sure it is up to date. As well as how to have an excel sheet be converted to a udtf format for the plc so that we don't need to manually do that each time. I am currently only finding how to load files from an SD card, and not how to use the Ethernet connection to retrieve files.
  4. it is The rotary Strip 2400 that we are using. I've attached the pdf we have of the wire stripper we plan to use, but we have no other information, and no idea where to start. RotaryStrip_2400_DS_EN_A4.pdf
  5. unable to figure out where to start with controlling a wire stripper to the PLC. there is no ethernet port on the wire stripper, but there is a USB port, so we are unsure how to address it in the programming and how to control it. we are hoping to be able to tell the wire stripper what gauge of wire it is stripping and many other portions. Please let me know what you have found or recommend for starting and implementing for this project.
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