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  1. Hi there ESK and sorry for so much delay. but I think you don't have the same problem. I actually put a password for enter the variable set by me. I didn't discover some password to unlock the plc , that because was new and i did the programming . If your Jazz is not new and have already a program installed which is protected by a password you need to contact the supplier who make the program or the equipment. good luck.
  2. Job done , after centuries of deep digging I manage to resolve the problem. Now everything works as I plan. If someone want to know how I do it please let me know Have a nice day.
  3. Actually I work on that to implement on my project, but until now I didn't manage to do it . I'm stuck at validation password and enter the new variable parameter. My condition is when the display is not equal whit the main display and" Enter "key is press (SB 53) it jumps at password display . At this point I'm stuck because I can't enter any password and I think there is a condition in my program to influence that . Thanks anyway for your support and the fast reaction on my topic.
  4. Hi there , can anyone give me some tips , hints or examples about this topic. I am sure anything will be a great help. I made a program with a few displays where are one or two keypad entry variable . I just want to scroll between the displays to see the values of variables ( this I all ready made with keypad force entry) and when I want to modify the values of variables a password entry will appear. In this case the variables will be protect against changes made by unauthorized persons . Best regards.
  5. Hi , can you show us the solution or some tips. I think is a very good point to put a password for enter the parameters via HMI , so nobody can't modify them.
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