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  1. Solved, I stored the DTI values to the PLC memory by unilogic software on DATA TABLE TAB
  2. After checking TABLE A I realised that the values I write into TABLE A are not retained into the program. I visualize the table online and all values are set to 0. Is there a specific way of saving constant values in a table?
  3. Partners, I'm having trouble moving information from one DATA TABLE to another with the same structure. The structure of my data table is as follow: Floor/number/day in/month in/year in/day out/month out/year out/hour in/time in/hour out/time out/money/quarter When a specific event happens, program calls a function that saves date and time (year in, month in, day in, hour in and minite in) in specific place of data table index A (this way I know where this event happened, becouse the first two columns on the table are the reference of the place) In table A the first to columns have constants values and never changes. When another event happen program calls another function that reads a specific row of table A and paste it on row 0 of table B adding as well the rest of the items that are mising (year out, month out, day out, hour out, minute out, money and quarter) that are calculated in this function. So table B is a registry of the events that ocurred. When I visualize TABLE B, I see all the information except the two first columns that are set as 0. I wonder if there is something Im doing wrong or if is it a specific whay of doing that. Thank you so much for your help. Marcelo
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