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  1. This process was a little obscure to me, here is what I learned: "Data Tables are not retained until they are written to the SD Card" So in my ladder logic every time I add a row to my data table, I also use the ladder element for Store DTI to File. In that ladder element, one of the options is the file name, another option is whether to create the CSV or not, and another option is whether to overwrite the file or append the DT to the file. Now in your email configuration, under attachments, for filename use the exact same string you used when writing the DT to File, and finally choose the file type for the attachment
  2. I would be interested in seeing a Kalman filter element. I use the PID loop pretty religiously when I can, but there are lots of times where I could use more than 1 input control. I am not familiar with the inner workings of the maths, but from what I've read about it, the value seems pretty obvious to me.
  3. Personally, I would use the IP Settings Edit HMI elements under Numeric Elements in the HMI builder. You can set CPU/Panel IP & DNS Settings by using the element 3 times and changing its configuration in the properties window. I believe you can also set the IP in UniApps. I don't believe the UniLogic provides a means to programatically change the IP Address of the unit. They don't even have a DHCP client built in AFAIK.
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