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  1. So if I've got ~ 20 thermocouples that i'm wanting to have the PLC record the readings every 5 min and then dump onto my facilities network every 24 hours. Do i need to build a ladder program with a timer instruction that will tell it when to send data to the facility (client)?? In the Data sample struct for the data set I've created, I see tags for starting and stopping sampling and creating a csv file. Is it as simple as putting in a 24 hr wait time instruction before it stops sampling and triggering the "create csv" bit?
  2. Thanks Joe! I am not the IT guy thankfully 😅 We have installed Filezilla on my PC so i'll be trialing the communication soon.
  3. Should my UniStream be set up as a Client or the Server? Really basic questions probably i'm sure but this is my first time attempting anything like this.
  4. So I've set up a thermo-couple function to display temperatures of process ovens on my HMI. I have a 15" HMI Panel/PLC with 3 UIS-08TC temperature modules. Now i'd like to collect that temperature data throughout the day say every 10 or 30 minutes , store it as a CSV file and place it onto my facilities local server every night or so. Can someone give me an overview of whats required to do this? I've watched the youtube tutorial on the Unitronics page about data sampling but i'm still not clear about how i can have the temperatures being recorded periodically and saved as a CSV file onto my facilities server. I'm going to keep doing some reading, just hoping to see if i can get a plan view of the steps needed to make this happen? Thank you!
  5. Hello, If I want my gauges on the HMI to be populated using thermocouple readings, what tag do I link to? See attached screenshot. I've already set the TC type to type J and set the temperature read out to F. I'm just not sure which of these tags will give me the information I'm looking to display. I've ordered the UIS-08TC modules they should be showing up any day now. Thanks for any guidance!
  6. Good News! Using the "Store" function It looks like I'm able to place my formula "output" into the "tag to store" box which in turn allows me to set the timer "preset" by setting that in the B "Store in to tag" box. Now I just gotta make sure i carry out my integer math properly. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the response Flex727 I guess i'm using REAL # out of ignorance. I will change the type back to integer. With that being said how do i automatically populate the timer's countdown time? (converting from milliseconds isn't an issue) Let me give you some more background: The formula output is dependent on what the HMI user inputs to the numeric box on the HMI screen. So the formula output will constantly be changing every-time the timer is reset and a new value is input into the numeric box. So I need the Timers count down time to "auto populate" with the value from the formula output being presented to it at the time. The count down time is not a static value. I must be using the wrong ladder logic functions because I couldn't find a function that would allow me to populate into the Timers Struct. Let me toil some more and I will report back if I find my mistake. Thank you!
  8. I created a Timer Tag and found the "preset" "current" and "out" tags. How can i set the preset time based on what is output from my formula? Currently i have my formula outputting a REAL # I see the Timer preset tag is a unsigned integer 32 bits long type. Can someone guide me as to how I can translate my formula output into the timer preset? Im sorry if this is really basic. I am a newbie when it comes to this kind of stuff. Thank you
  9. Hello first time poster and entry level user to the Unitronics products. I have a current project where I would like to set a Timer duration based off of a calculation from a formula. Basically the formula is: (A*XX) I would like to populate the timer duration based off the output from that formula. I believe I need a TON Timer as I want it to set an output once it has timed out. Is this possible? How do I set the timers duration based off the my formula output? See attached image for what i am intending to do. Thank you
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