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  1. could you please send me documents with the right configuration for pc communication cable and jumper sittings for RS232 , noting that i will use usb adaptor.
  2. i made serial communication cable using rj11 and 9 pin connector as the catalogue configuration , but when i connect it i couldn't get to plc to download , i faced 2 problems 1- i use visilogic 9.8 when i connect it said that my os is old and need to be update 2- then every time i make connection there is error that the connection maybe broken or com port or baud rate is wrong or other reasons. what i do to download the program also i tried rs232 to usb adaptor but same results
  3. i have the program on my laptop ,but i need to know the configuration of the usb communication cable to download the program again.
  4. hi there i am facing problem with The V200-18-E3XB during replacing the battery someone mistakenly turned off the power and we got this screen after power up, kindly help asap
  5. hi Ausman , yes i did uninstalled version 9.4.0 and installed version 9.8 latest version, but the problem still the same the biggest problem is that i can't do anything while this massage appears even to change the program even though i was able to open the program before . i have the same problem, did you solved yours ? if yes please tell me w e
  6. hi i have the same problem, did you solved yours ? if yes please tell me how
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