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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make formula block works, the formula is ( 685 - ( ( 777 / 10000 ) * A ) ) = MI 12, where A is MI. This keeps me giving me 675 as result. Doesn't matter the A value. I tried also to work with "0.0777" and "0,0777", and changed the MI's to ML's but I didn't get the right result. Thanks
  2. Hello There's some way to change the string library with a binary image/switch? I tried with two buttons, each for a language, and worked. But now I would like to change with a binary image/switch. Every touch in the button, will change the country flag and the language, but the screen starts to blink. I created this logic, when the button is touched, incremends MI 19, if MI 19 > 1, then will return to 0. If MI 19 == 0, the languange would change to portuguese, bur if == 1, would change to spanish. This subroutine is called when the screen "configuration" is displayed.
  3. Thanks Kratmel, this was quite enlightening!
  4. Hi Denis, Actually, I don't want the firt timer to continue to run after when I leave the display. What happens with the timer 2, is that, when it ends, and in the display is showing "00:00", right? So when I leave the screen and go back after, still is showing "00:00". But when it starts, it changes to 00:04, 00:03, 00:02.... But if you, or somebody could help me to solve just the problem with the first timer, will be enough. Thanks for your time, already.
  5. Hello, I'm struggling to understand why do I need to connect +VO and 0V to the outputs, how shows the image: I tested here and only with de +VO (24V) worked well.
  6. Hello I'm using samba SM35-J-TA22, with visiologic 9.8.90 build 0 I don't speak english very well, if you don't understand something, I could try to explain better. I created a display that shows two timers delay, preset to 5 second each. And a subroutine with the timers blocks that runs only while the display is on the screen. The first TD starts decreasing, and when its finished, the second TD starts. My problem here is, when I leave the display before the first timer ends, and I go back, the timer continues where it left off. I put a flag that should restart, but it's not working. And the second TD, appears "00:00" but when starts, it changes to "00:04", like only the element display needs to be refreshed.
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