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  1. Thanks Joe and Alex for your help worked on advice you sent me and all is good now still getting use to Unilogic I'm sure it will take some time . Eddie
  2. Thanks for your help Joe I made some progress I can connect with VNC but I am having problems it might be with the resolution setting , but as this USP 156 B10 panel is going to be permanently connected to the USC B5 B1 as part of the project and be the only operating HMI panel for this machine I want it to connect to the USC B5 automatically when it boots up without having to go to the Uniapps to connect every time, is this possible can you advise me how I can achieve this . Thanks Eddie
  3. Hi i am new to unistream i would like to know is there a webinar to explain how to get an USP 156 B10 with no snap in cpu at the back but to opperate with an USC B5 B1 din rail mounted controler with a ethernet cable , how to configure and do i need to write a line of logic for it to work , hope someone can help me please Thank you.
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