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  1. I apologize for not answering--this was missed because it is a forum 'blog' post, and apparently did not show up as a support request. If this issue is still outstanding, please let me know.
  2. New Forum

    Welcome Well, unfortunately, the old forum platform was so outdated that there was no support for migrating any sort of content. Also, there were a lot of inactive members, as well as addresses that were bouncing mail--so this is a good opportunity to 'start fresh'.
  3. Making Modbus easier

    Nah, unfortunately not like in Europe. For one thing, the standard work day is 9.5 hours. But all the kids are on vacation, and by the last two weeks in August all the summer camps have closed down...so a lot of people take off. We won't be starting anything new until everyone is back!
  4. Hey! How come I can't view topics?

    Joe, I have heard similar problems from Simon--sleuthing now!