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  1. From what I can find you cannot change the default power up display to be something via a selection in Visilogics???? I understand how to do it via ladder but seems strange that I cannot select any screen to be the default power up screen, Is this indeed the case? Thanks
  2. I have a V570 in the field that I can connect to using the Remote Operator Interface. I need to modify the project in the controller and am wondering if I can safely connect to the controller in Visilogic and download the new project as if it was on my local network?
  3. Any idea if this will ever be supported?
  4. I've got Version 9.50 Visilogics and have had this working previously but now when my V570 tries to send an EMAIL it will fail with a 'From' address format incorrect error. I checked the parameters in the SEND EMAIL block and all looks as expected. I can send / recv emails from this account outside of the V570 without problems. Looking for clues as to what would cause this. Thanks RAB
  5. Alex, Thanks for the reply. I agree it seems to be an email provider problem however they claim otherwise. I will try the telnet approach and see what I can learn.
  6. I had my ISP monitor the traffic leaving our router and they see the messages going out to my mail server even when the emails fail. I then went to my email server provider and they claim that there are NO time restrictions on the email processing. The message being sent is identical each time so I'm having a hard time blaming it on the email contents. This morning I had a bit of time to look at this during the fail time period and saw the error "7 – The server cannot receive data (DATA mode error)" when the message failed. I let the system run and it magically started working again around 7 a.m. this morning and probably will until about 8 p.m. tonight, One additional item is the times are approximate but are around 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends. Any one have any ideas for me?
  7. I thought the same thing regarding a restriction from the firewall or router. However I investigated that with the old system and found nothing and there isn't supposed to be anything on the new one either but I will check again,Thanks
  8. The sub that handles this is attached. I'm confident the alarm condition that enables the alarm is always met. Thanks for any clues. Attachment there now. What are valid file types for uploads? HandleAlarmEmail.zip
  9. I've got a V570 with an application that sends out an email at a selected interval if an alarm occurs. I set the alarm to ALWAYS occur and the email to send every 1/2 hour and all is apparently fine and I see the emails as expected. On a regular basis the sending of the email will stop from approx. 8 p.m. until about 7- a.m. the following day, the stoppage also occurs thru the entire weekend. I have changed ISP's and have installed different routers and switches during the time I have seen this problem. I am looking for any ideas that could help me track this problem down.
  10. What I need to to have is an event log that can be displayed with a timestamp to indicate when things happened in the process or operator action. Typically would like to store last 200 events. For example: Display Triggered by 07:46:10 Flow Loop mode change to Auto mode (Indicates Operator changed modes, driven by mode change) 07:49:10 Irrigation Zone 1 ON (Started irrigation cycle, driven from state of a digital output) 08:15:12 Irrigation Zone 1 OFF (digital output shut off) 23:45:11 Zone 1 High Temperature Alarm (Alarm condition detected)
  11. I would like to add the capability to log 'events' such as when selective items are turned ON/OFF or values changed by the operator etc. Does this functionality exist and I have not found it?
  12. I had this same issue, tried multiple cards, multiple PC's/Card Readers without much luck. I seem to recollect I finally got a card that would not work to work by formatting (in Windows) it to NTFS or FAT16 first, then going back and formatting it to FAT32 and the putting the file structure on it using the Unitronics utility. Give this a try and see if it works and post your results so we can see if this method works more than once...
  13. The 'Day of Week' function is not supported via the Remote Operator Interface for some reason, what is the plan to have this implemented?
  14. I'm using the Indirect time function that allows the setting of the ON and OFF times and is TRUE if we are between these times. Is there a method to dispaly the time left between the Current time and Off time ? This is using a V570 and latest Visilogic
  15. It was a new card but I did take it to another PC and did the WIndows format, followed by the Card Suite Format and then the card into the V570 and it was found and seems to be working...
  16. I did format with the Panasonic formatter and got the same results, I will try it on another PC to see if that helps.
  17. Peter, They actually do have it, just not in the same manner as 'others'. However it is simple once you figure it out and they have a large library of graphics that you can pick for the ON/OFF states. RB
  18. The SD CARD is NOT recognized by the V570 controller, I can see it fine in the PC.
  19. I've got a V570 and when I install the SD card it does not get recognized by the controller. I formatted it using the SD Card Suite, Tools Formatter without problem. I can see the card when I read it on my PC and the file structure seems to be there as expected. This is a 2G card. Any Ideas on what may be the problem? Thanks
  20. I got this working... Not sure what was wrong but suspect a port conflict with the email message setup. Next question is can we edit/define the 'Home' page of the basic web server ? I don't want to have the PLC info displayed, would prefer to have my own page for this. Thanks
  21. Any tips on troubleshooting a basic web page with a V570 controller? I can email from the controller, ping it from my PC, but cannot seem to get a web page to display. Thanks
  22. I'm looking for a simple indicator object to use on a screen to display the ON/OFF Status of an digital variable. I'm confident that I'm missing something as this should be easy... I'm using the V570
  23. I need to convert an ASCII string value into a Float and / or need to convert an MI value into a MF variable. I've looked but don't see a simple way to do this. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I found the FLOAT --> CONVERT functions that do this...
  24. Found the steps needed, I didn't catch the NAME step in my ladder for this to work, but now all is well Thanks for the replies
  25. I have a V570 with a V200-19-ET1 board connected. I configured the IP address and can PING the controller and get a response. I configured the IP Address in the Connections->Favorites menu, setup the TCP/IP Project settings. If I go to the Connections --> Communications & OS menu and select the TCP/IP connection type I cannot get comms to work. Any Ideas what I'm missing?
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