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  1. I have the V570 + V200-18-E3XB. Type of analog input may be configurated as raw value. What is maen "raw value"? What range of voltage (???) should I give at the input to get the raw value is equal to 16384? How long does the conversion to raw value? (100 ms???) As russian: Какой диапанон входных значений напряжения на клеммах аналогово входа соответствует диапазону значений raw value 0-16384? Как быстро входной сигнал преобразуется в raw value?
  2. I need a buid converter SPI->UART->(RS232, RS485, USB). Thank you all.
  3. How i can connect any device via SPI to OPLC unitronisc? I want connect very high speed ADC to PLC. RUS: Как подключить к ПЛК устройство у которой есть только SPI инирфейс? Хочу подключить высокоскоростное АЦП.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS-485 Please read the section named as "connectors". IMHO: network without SG (signal ground) worked very bad.
  5. Controller^ V570-57-T20B COM 2 configured as RS485/ Pin 1 is the "A+" signal. Pin 6 is the "B-" signal. What has "signal ground" pin? 2 or 5 ?
  6. I make a scale. I need to filtring signal from a tensosensor. I create 3 filter in my program. Filter number 3 donot work. Why? P.S.: Visilogic ver 9.5
  7. I have a same slave devices. I should initialize each device. Еach device demands installation values of several registers I should analyze network errors and returned values from devices after each modbus operation. How can I make it correctly?
  8. I want using the Structured Text (ST) language in my programs for unitronics PLCs. When will it be real in VisionLogic environment?
  9. I have a free relay output port. I change a type of counter to "High speed counter with reset". How can I use a free port to reset counter (software side)? How can I make reset signal in net 1 of my "example" projet (see attach in post #1)? I have changed the program (net 1) as follows, but don`t work. The counter isn't dropped. Why?
  10. I have a simple project. The pump pours water. I supervise volume by means of the flow sensor. How I can reset value of the counter from program (see my example from attach)? P.S.: V570 + EX-A1 + IO-DI8-RO8 P.S. I read a topic HSC wont accept store. But there there is no exact answer. P.S.2 I read a topic High speed counter. But I haven't understood what for to enter additional counters if at me there is one which me arrange. After all the counter needs to be reset only
  11. AlexUT I think that for procedure "run" net 1 (from ex1.jpg, post #8) the equivalent C code is: if (DW1 == 0) { DW1 = 100 + SDW43; if (MI1 > 0) { MI1 ++; } } You say that the equivalent C code is if (DW1 == 0) { DW1 = 100 + SDW43; } if (DW1 == 0) { if (MI1 > 0) { MI1 ++; } } But this code is equivalent to two nets. I am in confusion...
  12. Problem not that I can't make something..... After summation of an operand with the timer (sdw 43), operators of conditions don't work.
  13. Emil, Joe Tauser please see to example. In these examples the variable MI1 should be increases on 1 every second. In example (ex2.jpg) it work. In example (ex1.jpg) don`t work. Why?
  14. This example finished, more isn't present other program items. I think that the variable "int var 1" should increase on 1 every second. But it does not happen. Why? If to change procedure RUN (net 1) so that the condition (MI1 > 0) was processed parallely with (DW1 = SDW 43 + 100) all works. I can't load more pictures (or projects) on a forum to show it.
  15. [quote name='Emil' see my correct example in attachmet I have a same question.
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