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  1. Thank you Alex....pretty simple once I hear it! I am using a filter to sample 12 values in a minute but I don't think I have it configured correctly. Can you shed some light on how to configure it so I sample every 5 sec and output the average after a minute ? I have attached my configuration. Many thanks Brian
  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for the replies. I had some contact with support and managed to implement it the way you described. The issue I have now is that when my MB (controlling the vector fill,copy, etc;) is off, I am servicing a dump load and when I engage the MB again, the value that is for the dump load is storing in the vector that is used for my primary load. Is there any way I can stop this value from entering the vector as I am getting an inaccurate calculation. This probably doesn't make much sense without seeing the code but any help is greatly appreciated, Brian
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to create a moving average in visilogic?? The formula is: Moving Average = X1 + X2 + X3 .....Xi i This is updating every minute so I am using an increment FB with a 1 minute timer to increase i. The problem I have is I don't know where or how to store the previous averages as my dataset increases. Can they be stored somewhere so I can retrieve them each time I make the calculation? Brian
  4. Hi Simon, What I have decided to do is develop a formula using the FB formula. I am going to increment a MI using SB3 1 second pulse. I would like to be able to display my energy output every minute so I am going to use a 1 minute timer to store the MI value into the energy formula. So at minute 1: Energy = Power x (60/3600), minute 2: power x (120/3600) and so on. I was wondering how I can get my timer to count to the minute and then automatically loop to start again for the second, third, fourth minute, etc; Your input is very much appreciated. Brian.
  5. Update: I managed to configure the FB Filter correctly. I was having a chat with my supervisor and and basically what he wants me to do is implement a electricity meter reading in KWh. I hope this makes more sense in what I am trying to achieve. Brian
  6. Simon and Alex, Thank you for your reply. Simon, this is definetely the road in which I need to go. I was wondering if you could post some sample code as to your explanation?. I configured the filter as you described but I was unable to display the average power output. Also I am having difficulty in understanding the time interval I need to multiply by the average power and how this is implemented in the program. Please forgive my lack of knowledge, this is my first project using any PLC! Many thanks Brian
  7. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to the unitronics world and I was wondering could any of you help me with the following: I am currently developing a system for my college project that allows me to control a wind turbine in order to charge a battery and then release that charge to a DC-AC inverter. I have displaying on the V570 the voltage, current and power of each the turbine, battery and inverter. My question, is it possible to somehow implement a formula in order to display the energy of each and then the total energy of the system. Energy = Power x Time but my problem is the time factor and incorporating this into the formula. Thanking you in advance, Brian
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