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  1. I would like to be able to print weight tickets from the Unistream, could we print to a printer via USB as long as it has linux drivers? I also wonder what functions to use.
  2. When will you add IP camera support? so that you can watch an ip camera directly on the HMI screen?
  3. We have used Pcom to communicate to the data tables in the vision series. How do you recommend communicating to the data tables with the unistream? I would like to connect to a database that I built in Ms access. What would be recommended method?
  4. I am using a V130 to control irrigation and control greenhouse climate. I would like to add weather sensors, wind speed, direction, rainfall amounts to the PLC so that i can automatically make adjustments based on outside weather. and suggestions where to find such sensors? It would not need to be highly accurate.
  5. How about transferring the info through the ethernet port to a cheap netbook and then to a USB stick? Maybe this is not any better than my previous thought. I am not certain if you could have it automatically transfer directly to the USB stick on the netbook with Unitronics software or not. But there should be some way. But I guess that is still a little combersome. thought maybe would be another option. then use the netbook to display a video camera to help make an exuse of why it is needed.
  6. Maybe you could try this device. I have know idea if it would work, but the idea sounds good. http://www.eye.fi/how-it-works/basics
  7. Is there any way of using one of unitronics PLC's to send prices to a credit card machine to automatically charge for what is used? Like for example in a car wash? or for where liquids are automatically dispensed to customer's containers?
  8. Is there anything other than sensaphones? they have all the temp sensors built in that I would not need. All i need would be a contact to close to call out. Sensphones is all I know of. just thought I would check.
  9. I agree on cost, I would rather keep the cost down, I just thought since the hardware was all there, already connected to the Ethernet. I would not be a huge cost, and would save the user on the GSM Cost. Thanks for your suggestions, I think I should be able to make one of them work.
  10. Is there a way to send an sms message over the Ethernet network to a cell phone?
  11. What is the possibility to have the PLC call out using voip? I have installed a V130 in a greenhouse/ nursery. and they need an alarm if the temperature drops to cold so their plants do not freeze. There old system had a sensaphone on it that would call him and let him know. I was planning to just use the email feature, but he says he needs something that would wake him up out of deep sleep. A phone ringing would do that.
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