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  1. Start_kapil.vlphi Dave it is so long time you posted your query, i hope you will solve it, though if not then a little help from me. I have attached the logic modified yours. hope it will help you. Regards. kapil vyas
  2. Yes I am totally agree with kikisf20c i have just finished my first application on V570 for single axis CNC grinding machine but I missed the PTO utilities a lot.
  3. Hi friends, right now i m doing one program using V570 (off course 1st time), and i m in need of different images so any suggestions for finding images or any useful links? i have checked the "ImagesC" folder of Unitronics, and using some of them, but still i m looking for other so anyone have information then pl. reply. thanks. kapil
  4. Dear sir, thanks for the useful link. I tried it at my level making the ladder relative to that but it does not work. so I attached my ladder to this i would be grateful to you if you guide me. I have mentioned the type and make of encoder in ladder. it is a 9bit encoder and there are 512 steps/ revolution. thanks. kapil Test Absolute encoder.vlp
  5. Hi all, i have an absolute encoder 9bit, 512steps/revolution, single turn, of Pepperl + Fuchs make. i want to use it for measure the travel distance. anybody have idea about this application then pl. guide me. the encoder is gray coded. a little thought in my mind is to convert Gray code to binary and then using Bit to numeric convert block i can get the value for one revolution but i don't know how to convert Gray to binary.Thanks in advance. kapil
  6. Hello, i am new to unitronics and i want to read the absolute encoder having gray code, 9bit, 512steps/rev. single turn. of the make Pepperl + Fuchs. so can i do it oplc? i have V130-33-TR20 model. if possible pl. give example of program.
  7. i need a program for shift register is any function block or any program for the application?
  8. hey thanks Joe it is very useful to me thank you very much. i will come back to you if i found any doubt using Unitronics. Regards.
  9. Hello all I am a new to PLC programming field using Unitronics since 1 year I need help on the new PTO utilities introduce in version 9.3.0 version actually at present i m making a program for run the servo with HSO using the linear block for acceleration and deceleration but i am facing the jerk on the motor i want to try the SET PTO Profile block for that but i dont know how to use it so need help. if anybody can give the sample program using this new utility Block than it is very helpful to me. my email id is vyaskap@gmail.com pl. help me
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