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  1. No, there is no offline simulator in Visilogic software. In order to run your program, you need to be connected to a PLC.
  2. Kikis


    To be able to establish connection, you need to install USB driver. There is a button to do this within U90 ladder software as shown in the photo below (Controller / M90 OPLC SETTINGS). Make sure you use the same COM port number in U90 PC communication settings.
  3. Hello, You can use direct contact of SB15 (100mS pulse) as a condition to increment an MI from 0 to 100 (10 Sec). Then use Linearization block with the following settings: - Link this MI to the X value - Link your analog output to the Y value. - Set Y limits to the analog output range (0-4095 for 12-bit analog output) - Set X limits to 0-100 If you want to achieve ramp-down function, simply use SB15 to decrement the MI from 100 to zero. (PS) As Aus wrote, all frequency drives support ramping function. Never saw a VFD not capable of doing this, it is the acc/dec parameter for most of the drives.
  4. Hi Aus, Thanks for your great feedback. Since i'm very concerned about durability and reliability of the system, i finally decided to go with a special controller programmable in CoDeSys.
  5. Hi Guys, I have a new project to retrofit a mobile (vehicle) pile driver machine and I'm now in the process of hardware selection. The machine's decentralized control system was based on an obsolete CANopen Master controller made by IFM. It is a special controller for mobile machine applications and designed for harsh environments with excess vibration. Basically the question is: A normal PLC would be a reliable solution or should i use a controller specially designed for that purpose? What I'm thinking is to use a V570 (to be installed inside operator's cabinet) along with some third party CANopen I/O modules and sensors. Does anyone have any experience with using Unitronics PLC's for such applications? (PS) There are a lot of special controllers for mobile applications out there, most of them are based on CODESYS.
  6. If you have a look on the examples included within Visilogic, it will be easy to set up your V700 as a modbus TCP slave. Attached is a photo of slave addressing table for Unitronics Vision enhanced PLC series.
  7. If PID is set to reverse mode (heating), Auto-tune works like this: Sets control output to 100% until target temperature is reached, then resets the output so that the temperature goes lower than the set point. This process is repeated several times until the system is finely tuned. Therefore A/T process may take some minutes or even hours to be completed, depending on how the system behaves.
  8. Another solution is to leave your V350 running the program inside the control panel and install a new third party HMI unit of your preferred size. Modbus is an easy way to establish communication between the two devices.
  9. Hello, You could use EXF-RC15 high speed remote I/O module together with the V700.
  10. Hello Jean, Best way to understand how Modbus works with Unitronics is to watch the following webinar. There are also a lot of Modbus example programs included within Visilogic. Your V570 will be the master in the network, so you need the Modbus slave address table of the BSC2 to select the parameters you want to read or write to.
  11. Hi jean, 4-20mA is an analog signal and has nothing to do with the serial port. IO-V200-18-E2B snap-in module can take 4-20mA analog input, but this is not the way you have to proceed. From datasheet, i can see that Shinko's BSC2 temp. controller can communicate with external devices via RS485 using Modbus. Most probably they used this protocol in order to read and write parameters (PV, SV) via V570. Check the parameter values on the BSC2 to find out how serial connection is configured (communication protocol, speed, etc...). You can also remove the snap in module and check the DIP switches on the V570 to see if COM port 2 was set to RS485. Then we can provide more help.
  12. Kikis

    Jazz and pt 100

    Hello, You don't need to use any special function for reading the temperature. In hardware configuration within the software, select PT1000 for the analog channel on which you have connected your RTD and link an MI to it. Temperature reading from the sensor is directly stored in this MI. You can also apply a filter and switch between Celsius and Fahrenait. Temperature range for PT1000 is -50° to 400°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. So if your MI reads 254, it will be 25.4°C. Attached is an example for your reference. PT1000_EXAMPLE.U90
  13. Hi kikitron, There is also an example for linearization of 2 inputs in sample projects included within U90 ladder.
  14. I saw people touching the HMI screen like if they were trying to kill an annoying fly. Usually these people carry old-school keypad mobile phones. 18 months is a very short lifetime though...