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  1. Hello Jean, Best way to understand how Modbus works with Unitronics is to watch the following webinar. There are also a lot of Modbus example programs included within Visilogic. Your V570 will be the master in the network, so you need the Modbus slave address table of the BSC2 to select the parameters you want to read or write to.
  2. Hi jean, 4-20mA is an analog signal and has nothing to do with the serial port. IO-V200-18-E2B snap-in module can take 4-20mA analog input, but this is not the way you have to proceed. From datasheet, i can see that Shinko's BSC2 temp. controller can communicate with external devices via RS485 using Modbus. Most probably they used this protocol in order to read and write parameters (PV, SV) via V570. Check the parameter values on the BSC2 to find out how serial connection is configured (communication protocol, speed, etc...). You can also remove the snap in module and check the DIP switches on the V570 to see if COM port 2 was set to RS485. Then we can provide more help.
  3. Jazz and pt 100

    Hello, You don't need to use any special function for reading the temperature. In hardware configuration within the software, select PT1000 for the analog channel on which you have connected your RTD and link an MI to it. Temperature reading from the sensor is directly stored in this MI. You can also apply a filter and switch between Celsius and Fahrenait. Temperature range for PT1000 is -50° to 400°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. So if your MI reads 254, it will be 25.4°C. Attached is an example for your reference. PT1000_EXAMPLE.U90
  4. Hi kikitron, There is also an example for linearization of 2 inputs in sample projects included within U90 ladder.
  5. I saw people touching the HMI screen like if they were trying to kill an annoying fly. Usually these people carry old-school keypad mobile phones. 18 months is a very short lifetime though...
  6. Hi kikitron, You used linearization for display. The linearized value created in this way is used only for display purposes and cannot be used for ladder operations. You have to use SI 80 - 85 to set the (x,y) range and energize SB 80 to activate the linearization function in ladder. Or simply leave it as it is and use non-linearized value for the compare function (#794 instead of #180).
  7. JAZZ PID Autotunne

    Hi AleksandarVin, If you follow Stein Yair's instructions given in a previous post in this topic, it should work. In your case, steps are like this: 1) At power-up SET SB109 ON 2) Turn on MB0 3) Turn on SB101
  8. Hi Flex, My suggestion was to get a new M91 but customer prefers to replace it with a key-less unit. Customer is always right! I think re-writing the program in Visilogic won't take more than an hour. Not so much trouble, especially when you program at night while enjoying a bottle of good Belgian craft beer!
  9. JAZZ PID Autotunne

    Hello AleksandarVin, You need to turn on SB101 in order to start autotune process for PID loop 1. When autotune is completed, SB101 will turn off automatically.
  10. Hello enricopals, You need RS232-CB1 communication cable. If your computer is not equipped with a DB9 COM port, you will also need MJ10-22-CS35 which is a USB to RS232 converter. Drivers for the converter can be found here: And here is the link for Unitronics accessories: https://unitronicsplc.com/accessories/
  11. Hi guys, Thanks Ausman and Joe for your reply. I went on site to check the problem and seems that ENTER key has indeed failed. Info mode sub-menus couldn’t be accessed because ENTER key function is needed, so I have connected my laptop to the PLC. Pressing the key had no effect on SB53 which was always off. All other keys were working properly and PLC program was normally running. Customer and his employees claim that they were always using the keypad gently and did nothing that could have cause damage to the key. After spending an hour there trying to make it work, I finally decided to get a new 3.5 inch Samba unit and replace the M91. I use Unitronics controllers for many years now and this is the first time i’m facing a keypad related problem
  12. Hi guys, Yesterday i had a phone call from a customer telling me that he cannot change any value of the user preset variables (Timers, MI's) on the screen because ENTER key is not working. PLC model is M91-2-R1 installed 4 years ago. Anyone had this issue in the past? Is there any way to assign the function of ENTER key to another button?
  13. I use the following logic to achieve a screen sleep function for backlight's life economy. If MB26 is enabled by a toggle button on the screen, screen sleep function is on. If the screen has not been touched for a preset amount of time, the value of SI9 is set to zero and backlight turns off. When the screen is touched, backlight turns on.
  14. IO-R08 Relay Module - Output LEDs

    Hi Guys, From my experience, one should be careful when buying something from AliExpress. Especially when buying stuff to be used in control panels for machinery and other critical equipment. It's always a good idea to communicate with the seller before placing an order. The site is full of cheap Chinese copies of products which look 100% original (for example, SSR's). However, it is a safe site to buy stuff and i never had a non received order. Also never had any problems with my Visa Card. Regarding the transistor boards, i use them in almost every project since i discovered them last year. They do the job without any problem at all. Delivery time (Europe) is approx. 1 month.