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  1. Hi Mia, Have a look on this topic, it might be helpful.
  2. Hi Joe, Thanks for posting your thoughts, sharing your experience is always valuable for us! Regarding the Unit Price for Ewon Cosy, my comment was from customer's point of view.I have a lot of customers asking to have internet remote access, but once they hear the cost, they finally decide that they don't need it! BR, KIKIS
  3. Just a few comments regarding the Ewon Cosy VPN router and its integration with Unistream controllers. I have used the Cosy to remotely connect to a Unistream 10.4" HMI via VNC through internet and it works great. I also used the NAT 1:1 function, so that the user won't need to use internet when connected in the same LAN. Connection is 100% reliable and response is relatively quick, there is a bit of lag but it is fairly acceptable. It takes approx. 15 min to set it up and get it working, only very basic networking knowledge needed. Connection is achieved via Ewon's M2WEB cloud service and requires to have a valid TALK2M account. Unit price for a COSY 131 is quite high (490 Euro), but in my opinion it is worth as connection security is number 1 priority.
  4. Hello, 2D drawings are available for download on Unitronics website (https://unitronicsplc.com/unistream-series-unistream156/)
  5. I'm now using load cell weighing transmitters with MODBUS TCP protocol made by LAUMAS and they work great with Unistream PLC's. The cost is lower than using the EX-RC1 and LC1, it is very easy to set up and all programming is kept within Unilogic. A dedicated load cell module is missing from Unistream's product range, we are waiting for it and hope to have it in the near future!
  6. Hi Aus, I will hopefully receive a COSY131 within the next few days. I will make some trials and then post my comments regarding the overall performance of the device and how it integrates with a Unistream PLC. Regards, Kikis
  7. Hi Guys, I have a customer asking to have remote access to the web server of a UniStream PLC via internet (everything works perfectly in the local network). I am thinking to use EWON COSY vpn router in order to achieve a secure connection. Is there anyone who used this device before? What about connection reliability and response speed? Do you know of any other similar product which can be used for such an application? Thanks and Regards, Kikis
  8. Thanks Aus and Kratmel for your replies. Yeah, that's exactly what i was thinking as a solution.
  9. Hi Guys, Today i made a travel of 60km to check a problem on a JAZZ PLC after getting a phone call from the customer. From his descriprion during the phone call, it was clear that O1 (relay output) was worn out, and it was indeed. So i downloaded a new program to replace O1 with O5 which was not used and installed an RC snubber accross the driven AC coil. What is the best and easiest way, in terms of programming, so that the customer would be able to replace inputs and outputs from the HMI screen?
  10. @Cara Bereck Levy Btw for such applications which require X-Y servo positioning, it would be great to have a special PTO function block to perform synchronized linear motion using the 2 axes (Linear interpolation).
  11. Hello, I'm attaching an example i made based on your description. I have set the timers for FWD and REV direction spinning to 3min, but of course you can set the values as you want. EXAMPLE_1.vlp
  12. There is no doubt that it's a matter of sales and money. Since all major manufacturers of "smart programmable relays" or mini PLC's have 100-230VAC models available (Schneider Zelio, Omron Zen, Siemens Logo), i suppose that there is true demand for small controllers with such specs.
  13. There is equipment and machinery powered by 3 phase -3 wire 415V (Neutral is not used), such as industrial water chillers and air compressors. Manufacturers usually use a transformer to get 230V secondary output and use it as the control system's voltage. Sometimes is not straightforward to switch from an existing 230VAC control system to a 24VDC PLC unit, it requires a lot of wiring changes and extra cost.
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