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  1. Could you help me determining the cause of the error when I become connected to PLC using GPRS (with connected on status bar), when I try to online, I get a runtime error of '13' then followed by '440'. Is this software or system related? this error occur on both visilogic and remote access. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hi Alex, Could you help me determining the cause of the error when I become connected to PLC using GPRS (with connected on status bar), when I try to online, I get a runtime error of '13' then followed by '440'. Is this software or system related? this error occur on both visilogic and remote access. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Sorry for late response. Have you tried running it as administrator? Installing the program with compatibility to Windows XP?
  4. HI, I finally managed to communicate the modem to V350, the modem can now send and receive text message using the command below: AT&F WAIT 5 AT+CSMP=17,167,0,0 AT+CSCA? AT+CPIN? AT AT&C1&D0X4Q0S0=1v1 AT+CMGF=1 AT+CNMI=1,0,0,0,0 AT&W it seems that the cause of the error was the "&S0". Although it is now connected, there is still a problem with receiving... The OPLC could not decode the message. I tried to connect the full receive text on a string variable and output the data on the string. For example, I sent a message "Hi" on the OPLC number, and the OPLC displayed a message same as below: AT+CNMI=1 rwty@@@@@@ss+sf@@@@@@@dgdf=dsfj Above is not the actual received message but somehow the pattern displayed in the OPLC. I hope somebody could help me resolve the problem or just to give any idea where should I look at. Regards, Raymond
  5. Hi, Please, I need help. I have a problem initializing modem using visilogic modem service. This is the first time I will be using modem that is not on the list of choices in preparing the modem for PLC side (I usually use enfora and siemens modem). My boss want me to use F1103 GPRS modem on our next project which is scheduled this month. I have to connect the modem to V350 but I keep on having modem initialization error when preparing the modem using the modem services of visilogic. I study a bit of AT commands and I did successfully initialized the modem on hyperterminal. Below are the instruction command I used for initialization: AT AT+CSMP=17,167,0,0 AT+CSCA? AT+CMGF=1 AT+CNMI=1,1,0,0,0 AT+CSAS I test all the settings (even "other modem") already available in the software, but as I said, none work without an error. Below is one of the code where the modem keeps on having an error: ATE0&C1&D0&S0X4Q0S0=0V1 (just one of the sample) I don't fully understand what the command does but I hope someone could help me understand what are the parameters that I should consider to successfully initialize the modem so I can use it in the PLC perfecly without having any issues or problem. Thanks in advance and hope for your response. Any idea is gladly appreciated. Best Regards, Raymond
  6. Hi Simon, Sorry for the late response. I already used the software and found out that the SCADA that I am using creates different copy of the UniOPC server, one for the Main interface-GUI(always have the OPLC value), one for the Historical Trend and the other is for alarm. I also tried to configure the DCOM setting of UniOPC identity into "Interactive user" but it keeps on turning back to "Launching user". The behaviour is very unstable, that sometime a combination of it works, but most of the time only GUI is working fine. I also managed to work the 3 all together but when I restart the computer, it goes back to the same problem that only GUI gets the OPLC value, and worse, I can get this working combination behaviour in XP and 2003 server, but the client runs Win7 which I can only make the GUI work fine but not the Trends and Alarms. Any idea on this? By the way, thank you very much Simon for the advice to use a test client, it helps me to troubleshoot the connection of the PLC.
  7. Hello, Does anyone experienced the situation where the identity in dcom always reset to "The launching user"? I need the setting of the dcom for UniOPC to be "Interactive user". Any idea how this can be solve, because it's the only setting that I can make the whole project scada work. Each time I restart the PC, it goes back to "the launching user". I would be very happy if someone can help me on this. Thanks.
  8. Thank you very much for your response, I would surely try that, hope that it would solve everything. I appreciate very much your help. Best regards, Raymond
  9. Guys, any idea on the OPC issue? Or how can I test whether UniOPC is working fine or not. Btw, I'm sorry I forgot to introduce my self, I am from Philippines and a member since 2008.
  10. Hi, I am new in UniOPC in Windows2003 operating system. Here is the scenario, I have a V350 OPLC that I am communicating in SCADA. I can monitor the OPLC value via Visilogic, but I cant see its value in SCADA. I think my problem is the UniOPC tool, it shows that the tag value has a bad quality. Does anyone have an idea how can I make UniOPC work in WIndows2003? Thanks. Best Regards, Raymond Santiago
  11. Hi to all, Is there a way to monitor the tag values in UniOPC? I can communicate the v350 to its visilogic simulator and view all the tag values, but I need to know if the UniOPC sees the value and pass it to the SCADA connected. My problem is that the SCADA(iconics) always show an uncertain quality and a value of zero which is not the real value. Now, I would like to eliminate if my registration in SCADA is wrong or I have a problem in UniOPC(does not submit the value to SCADA). Whenever the SCADA run, it successfully add the tags I registered, but in SCADA software, I cant obtain the PLC value. Any idea of this problem, I also use OPC Quick client to test the V351 tag value but the Tag quality status is Bad, and the values are all 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping someone could help me on this.
  12. Hi, Is there anyone who already used uniOPC with iconics genesis32 scada? I am having trouble with communications. The PLC tags were added in the OPC during runtime of the scada but the value that I could get is all "uncertain quality". I am currently testing the connection with V350 and using on MB and one MI as a data tags. Does anyone have an idea with the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Raymond
  13. This topics is already solve! I already solved this problem, Thank you guys!
  14. Hi R.Mozes, Thank you for this post, the issue that I have is already solved!
  15. Hi, Does anyone have an idea on how to reset the Configuration Permission of Component Services OpcEnum? I accidentally applied the changes before I can choose the option "The system account" in Identify tab. Before I could do that, I already find myself forbidden to change the settings. I am following the instruction on UniOPC manual, but accidentally made a wrong step. Is there a way to override the setting? edit the it's registry or reinstall the component? Any help will do. Thank you very much! Best regard, Raymond
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