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  1. Issue 4 is my fold - it's works now. But error number 256 isn't described in help file....
  2. Hello. Sorry for my english. I have a problem with writing data to SD card. I've tried many options but i've exhausted ideas. 1) First - I'm creating data buffer using SD -> Create Delimited Line issue 1) When I use Write Delimited Line, in file I see nulls (one line of CSV uses about 50 bytes and 462 bytes of null). Such behavior is unacceptable. 2) I call several times SD -> Create Delimited Line and adequately fill the memory (XI0.. XI256), so I had a 512B data. issue 2) When i call Write Delimited Line, it returns me an error with number 256. SI66, 67 and 68 equals 0. (attachment 1) 3) I tried to get around and I thought that the last byte of data must be zero. XI255 and XI256 set to zero. issue 3) Calling Write Delimited Line sometimes works, but usually returns 128th Error. SI66 == 0 4) Another attempt to work around. I'm generating buffer with Create Delimited Line, open file with SD Utility Open File (W), writing data with SD Utility Write Next Chunk (W) and after finish i call SD Utility Close File (W) issue 4) Close File isn't working. SB327 is always one. V350-35-R2 ( O/S: 3.3 (03) BOOT: 2.2 (01) BinLib: 0-2.1 (02) Factory boot: 1.3 (01) OS Version: V3.3 (B3) Please help me.
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