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  1. Hello all I've just started revisiting a Vision V570 project that I had completed a couple of years ago. I am planning on adding some additional components to the V570 system. However when I start the Visilogic software. I get an error of which a screen shot is attached as Startup Error. Also when I try to connect to the V570 I get an additional error I called USB Driver Install error. I guess my starting point is 1) Does anyone know what the attached errors mean? 2) How do I get by the errors? Thank you for you help MRDEGOLD Startup Error.pdf USB Driver Install Error.pdf
  2. Perfect just the answer I was looking for. Thanks Mrdegold
  3. Hi All I completed a project using an EX-RC1 that I modified the program in. I would like to keep a spare device in inventory just in case of failure. My question is could I preprogram the spare EX-RC1 and leave it specifically labeled for the one machine? This would allow anyone to replace the device should failure occur and not require programming at time of installation. I am ok with having the spare EX-RC1 dedicated to a single application. How long will the EX-RC1 Retain its programming in a non powered state? Could the spared device keep its programming for what I hope will be years and years and years? Thanks for the help and advice Mrdegold
  4. Eyal Thank you for getting back to me. It's somewhat of a relief knowing that the problem isn't something I was doing incorrectly. I would like to wish you and everyone at Unitronics and on the Forum a Happy New Year Michael
  5. Eyal Thanks again for your support. I truly appreciate it. I wasn't sure how to attach a file to this post so here is a link to the files dropbox location. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9btz1a8xj8aqjva/Railcar%20Control_Main_11.vlp?dl=0 As a reminder I was able to print the ladder report the problem lies in printing the HMI report. I am curious what the hang up is so I can try to advoid in the future. Thanks again Michael
  6. Thanks Eyal I've tried your sugestion. In fact to assure I had followed your directions correctly I have tried several time. I am still unable to print a report with the setup that I discribed earlier. What I have found is that the problem seems to be while attempting to print the HMI. I was able to print a logic only report. Then while trying to print a report on the HMI I could print 1 or 2 screens then I got the same errors when I went to the third screen. As before any help would be appreciated. Thanks again and Happy Holidays Michael
  7. Eyal Thank you for getting back to me. I believe I am running the most up to date version of visilogic as you can see in the attached "About.gif" file The "Printsetup.gif" shows the setup I'm trying to use to print my report. As I said it appears that visilogic is spooling the information to create the report at which point I get the errors as seen in "Error1.gif" image. When I click ok on the first error I get the error dipected in the "Error2.gif" image at which point visilogic shuts down. When I restart Visilogic I get the message that It was shutdown improperly and would I like it to recover I apprecaiate any help you can give me. Michael
  8. Hi I'm trying to print a pretty complete of a project. I would like like to keep a hard copy with the wiring diagrams of the new system. However eveytime I try to print a report in VisiLogic I am including all subrotine,All HMI Displays, Harware Config and data types that I have used. Whenever I go to print either to a real printer or if I'm using a pdf distillers. it appears like the print is being generated and before it starts printing I get an error that reads Runtime error 13 then after I ok the error I get runtime error 440 and visilogic shutsdown. Any ideas what could be causing this and what I can do to get a printed reoprt. Thanks Michael
  9. Thanks for the help. I decided to take the advice give in order, so the first thing I tried was to up date the versions of both visilogic and the OS in the processor as recomended by EduMarg. You were correct I was running version 9.7.9 and after the update the graphic problem went away. Flex727 I was doing the exact same thing you said writting the project and downloading a whole lot of times. I did take your advice and created a blank project so I could download and assure that my processors were clear of any old code. Thanks again for the help Michael
  10. Hi I am using two V570's in my project. One unit will be the Main which will be running all the logic and controlling all of the I/O. The second V570 will be used as a Remote mounted HMI. I've downloaded the same HMI files to both units and one of the two has been having issues loading the graphics correctly all the time. It is always the same physical V570 which leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the file but is in the device itself. I've uploaded a photo of the two V570's side by side which to the gallery @ http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/gallery/image/216-same-image-downloaded/ I would appreciate any help or insight on what could be the issue with the V570 and how to correct the problem. Thanks for the help Michael
  11. mrdegold

    570 Image Issues

    This image is referenced in a forum post on the visilogic page.
  12. Joe Thanks for your reply. After your post and finding out that the switch wasn't the cause of my issue I dug into it again. What I found was that my computer's IP address was not correct. Once I change to a static IP address to the same scheme that I was using in the V570 I was able to ping the V570. After that it was just a matter of playing with some setting. Thanks again for the help I appreciate it. Michael
  13. Hi I've have completed an aplication using a V570 controller. I am planning on using a 2nd V570 as a remote panel. I have installed ethernet cards in both of the V570's and planned to interconnect using the ethernet cards through a simple 5 port wired switch.(I have very little experince with comms of this nature) Which I had thought would also allow me to conncect my PC also and connect to both panels. I was working on just trying establish comms with the primary V570 and could not even get it to ping. Would I be better off using a router instead? I watched all of the ethernet webinar videos and think I'm setup correctly but am unable to ping. I would apreciate any advice, help or hints anyone might have. Thanks Mrdegold
  14. Joe Thanks again for the help. I'm thinking that great minds think alike. Yesterday afternoon I thought of the same process that you suggested on the integer management. Then to control the outputs based on the integer value. I took a few additional nets to complete my "Timer Loop" than you but in the end we both use the same concept. Now that I am able to run these timer functions I think the rest of my first Unitronics OPLC project will fall right into place. Thanks again for the help I greatly appreciate it Michael 4 timer swap.U90
  15. I have been working with the example provide most of the morning. I have been trying to expand to a 4 timer cycle with no success. I'm not sure if I just have a mental block or if I'm just thick headed? But after spending a few hours on it I think it's time to set my pride aside and re post on the subject. The application I have in mind for the 4 timer cycle would be a reversing motor starter. Timer 1) Run Motor Forward Timer 2) Pause #A between motor direction change Timer 3) Run Motor Reverse Timer 4) Pause #B between motor direction change / reset timer cycle. Sorry for the trouble and thanks again for the help Michael
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