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  1. Hello and good day everyone, We encountered some technical difficulty's over the weekend. We have an OPLC V290-19-B20B which is running a Lantech Shrink wrapper, Q series. The operators were complaining about the tsp, they would have to press pretty hard and would have to press to the right of the button on the screen to get the unit to work. We calibrated the tsp and saved changes now we are stuck in the "Bootstrap" screen. We are not connected to the net. Turned the unit off / on but no change. I left the machine on all weekend. I've tried touching the upper left and lower left, upper right / lower right etc... to try an access the screen but no change. Is there a secret way to get into a unit where the tsp? Please advise. Regards. Bob
  2. Hello again... Entered password 1111. Navigated the menus to get to touchscreen calibration. Calibrated as instructed, it did not correct the issue 100%. But it is assisting me in my troubleshooting. Thank you for your time! Bob
  3. Hello Simon and Joe, Thank you for the info. Yes i am using a V290-19-B20B. I will try the above. Yes Joe that is my 1967 Olds Cutlass Supreme. I am the second owner and she was born and raised in Freemont Calif. Moved to Michigan in 1989 when i purchased her. Thanks again gents! Bob
  4. Now if i could just keep the employees from picking at the cover and pulling it off. Bob
  5. Hello and good day. I am "The New Guy" Name is Bob. We have a Lantech QA003604, shrink wrap machine. We just replaced the TSP within the last six months. The issue we are having is the location of the icons on the screen and where you touch. After installation of the the new touchscreen everything worked as advertised. Now six months later we have to touch the screen to the right of the icons for it to work. Sometimes when we touch for one conveyor to move they all move which causes unnecessary down time. Any way to fix this issue? Thank you for your time. R.Sessa SPF
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